Nayuta no Kiseki Website Updated – Demo Movie Now Live

Nayutano Kiseki’s long awaited full demo movie is finally released. Along with it, you can find the following information on the latest website update:

Not only are all of the current silhouettes are uncovered, but our ‘sleeping girl’ has opened her eyes on the character profiles page.

Kureha (age: unknown) (CV: Ayana Taketatsu)
A girl awakened from a long sleep in a coffin found in the Star Garden. A major event wakes her and she has no memory of who she is.

Eartha Hershel (age: 20) (CV: Houko Kuwashima)
A kind young woman that is Nayuta’s older sister. Not only does she call herself a ‘Fragment Observer’ as she enjoys studying Star Fragments, but she has also served as a mother-figure to both Nayuta and Signa and has taken care of them. She is well liked by the people of Remnant Isle, and is a good cook.

Orbus Alhazan (age: 53) (CV: Hiroki Touchi)
A swordsman that has taken up residence in a ruin on the end of Remnant Isle. Unsurprising for a swordsman, he has become a sort of a bodyguard on the island, since he moved there six years ago. He has taught Nayuta and Signa what they know, and has become a sort of adoptive father to Signa.


Noi’s Seasonal Arts
Noi is capable of using a wide range of attack spells based on the four seasons. As the arts are assigned to a different button than Nayuta’s sword attacks, it is possible to use both her arts and his attacks at the same time.
You can set multiple arts into the slots for Noi in the game menu.

Spring Magic: Luna Butterfly – Summons an illusionary butterfly, that leaves enemies confused.
Summer Magic: Corona Laser – Concentrates sunlight into a high-powered laser attack
Autumn Magic: Maple Wind – Creates a whirlwind that gradually increases in size.
Winter Magic: Crystal Lance – Attacks following enemies with large lances of ice.

As the seasonal magic increases in strength, it becomes easier to attack larger creatures with it. As Noi regains her power, she will learn more seasonal arts as well.

Season Change
With Nayuta’s intervention, the world’s seasons can change from Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter by the moment. This isn’t just a change to the stage’s appearance, but it will also change the type of enemies and the way to play through the stage. Event and story scenes may change according to the seasons, and the different seasons may also reveal hidden events.

Special Action – Gear Craft
Gear crafts are the key action to many of the stages. Nayuta and Noi cooperate with special abilities to attack enemies, special movement, and trick cancellations.

Gear Drive
High speed motion throughout the stages. With this gear craft, you can climb up uneven surfaces or ascend up light ladders. It’s also possible to damage enemies by charging into them with it.

Gear Buster – Noi’s Rotation Attack
Noi jumps ahead with a rotation attack that is capable of destroying objects. It is also capable of being used as defense to ward off attacks from other enemies.

And last but not least on this update, Falcom has also included a series of photos of shops that have put their pom pass case on display.

[ Nayuta no Kiseki Official Website ]

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