Crazy Twitter Issues

Sorryfor the downtime, guys! Twitter seems to be going nuts, and I’ve been notified that as a result, my twitter widget is going nuts too, preventing the full site from loading.

As such, I’ve temporarily disabled it for now, until I can perhaps find one that won’t kill the site if twitter crashes and burns again.

Thanks for your patience, everyone. :)

2 Replies to “Crazy Twitter Issues”

  1. I have a Twitter widget on mine but it seems fine. Was it something you didn’t notice but other people did? Just curious in case I need to disable mine for now.

    1. There was a crazy incident yesterday afternoon where you couldn’t access Twitter at all. The whole site was down, so that would include the API.

      When loading my site, it would get stuck trying to load the data from the API and it wouldn’t load the rest of the page. It should be fine now. I’ll probably restore the twitter widget and my dashboard tools later today.

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