Nayuta no Kiseki Website Updated – New Characters, Silhouettes, System: Seasonal Changes Detailed


Fournew characters and two silhouettes have been revealed.

Lychnis Gio (cv: Tomohisa Asou) – The manager of the Forest Continent Oltapia. While he possesses a child-like form, he speaks like an old man, acting like an aloof hermit. He often acts as a mediator to the issues of the other managers.
Song Priestess Elislette (cv: Miyuki Sawashiro) – The manager of the Abyss Continent, Rizweld. Although she has a very domineering personality, she is much like an older sister. She’s called the ‘Song Priestess’ due to her beautiful singing voice.
Guardian King Algol (cv: Ryoutarou Okiayu) – The manager of the Continent of the Sacred Mountain, Heinmel. He is a military man with his face covered by a massive helmet, which muffles his voice. He’s very strict and blunt, and though he acts on his own, this does not mean that he has a dislike towards other people.
Sage Nemeas (cv: Mai Aizawa) – The manager of the Continent of Origins, La Worg. Unlike the other managers, she is a tiny figure. As her name implies, she is very wise, and possesses great insight.

Silhouettes are likely to be Eida and Sasha that were in the most recent Dengeki issue.


While the Star Garden remains at the center of Lost Heaven, there are four continents that surround it.

The Continent of Forests – Oltapia – One of the continents surrounding the Star Garden. This large land is a massive forest inhabited by many animals and plantlife. Changing the four seasons of this stage creates the most obvious changes.
The Continent of the Abyss – Rizweld – This continent has a massive, underground cavern. There are many bioluminescent plants and underground rivers in it.
The Continent of the Sacred Mountain – Heinmel – This continent is identified by steep cliffs and a deep valley. Severe blizzards and thick fogs often times oppose travellers.
The Continent of Origins – La Worg – A reef continent that takes on complete changes in different seasons. A wasteland where the memories of origins can be recalled.


Nayuta’s peculiar ability to freely change the seasons of the stages becomes an important part of the seasonal change system, and it can be used to influence quests that Nayuta undertakes.

For example, in the quest Supreme Plum Wine, an islander requests Nayuta to seek out a particular type of fruit, and upon finding the tree, it’s too early to harvest it. While the tree is young during the spring, it should be grown enough by summer.

There are screenshots below. Some of them include images from the above quest.

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