Ys – Celceta the Sea of Trees Dated for 9/27

Yes.You saw that right.

No image yet, but it’s in this week’s Famitsu. (the screenshot above is from the TGS announcement last year.) I will update with more information later. (Hopefully)

The game will be released on 9/27, and is priced at 7140 yen. The Famitsu issue introduces Adol, Duren, and Carna.

I’ll add to the calendar later as well.

Images, linked to me by @RyougaSaotome from Twitter! Quality isn’t the best, but you can click on them to enlarge them.

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  1. Today is a day to remember for we FINALLY get some new information on this game. It may not be much just yet but it looks like there’s some goodies in those pictures we can’t see yet and I’ll take Karna’s new character design and confirmation that the third character is Duren (and a possible hint at more Dawn elements?) as plenty for now. Thanks!

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