‘Boss Zanmai’ Album to Debut in Summer

Okajitweeted earlier that he’s finally got permission to reveal a new arrange album coming out called ‘Boss Zanmai.’ – by the name of the album, it sounds like it’ll be a collection of rearranged boss themes from Falcom games.

Also, talk about an epic cover.

The album should be coming out at Summer Comiket. More information as it comes.

[ @okajimahal on Twitter ]

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5 Replies to “‘Boss Zanmai’ Album to Debut in Summer”

  1. Oh man, that cover is so metal. Due to the low resolution, the only boss I can pinpoint is the spider thing from Xanadu Next, though.

    Ridiculously hype!

  2. I can see Galsis in there and can make out Zero no Kiseki and Brandish listed among the titles at Adol’s feet.

  3. Tracklist from here:


    The Strongest Foe (Ys III)
    Don’t Interfere! (A Tear of Vermillion)
    Fuujin Raijin (Sengoku Sorcerian)
    Descending Miracle (Ao no Kiseki)
    Gadobistal (Brandish)
    Inevitable Struggle (Zero no Kiseki)
    Evil Shaman (Sorcerian)
    To Every Future (Cagesong of the Ocean)
    Sorrowful Queen (The White Witch)
    Blue Dragon (Sorcerian)
    Termination (Ys II)
    King Dragon ~Sorcerian the Prelude~ (Sorcerian)

    1. It’s the Silver Will of its generation; they’ll only stop rearranging it when a newer, more awesome song comes along in the next main Kiseki game.

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