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Nayuta no Kiseki Site Updated – 7/6/2012 – New Characters and System Info

The usual sort of updates for the site today.


Our silhouettes have been revealed.

Dr. Worlance – A middle aged professor with an extraordinary passion for researching ancient ruins. He has come to investigate the mystery of the ruins that fall to Remnant Isle, he comes from an empire on an continent from the north. He has since opened the museum on Remnant Isle that focuses on natural history.
Researcher Shirlam – (cv: Ami Naga) One of Dr. Worlance’s assistants, she runs the reception desk at the museum. She may be smartly dressed, cute, and not talk like a researcher, but she happens to actually be skilled in her work. She has a twin named Collon.
Researcher Collon – (cv: Ami Naga) Just like her twin sister, she is also a researcher for Dr. Worlance. She is shy and an extreme research fanatic so she rarely turns up. Her hobby is studying the new exhibits.


This week’s wallpapers are: Lyra Burton, Asa Herschel, and Aulbath Alhazen.





Replay factor: Museum
There are over a 100 collectable items in the game, from bugs, fish, to rocks and gems. When you collect them, the Museum can buy them from you. At certain points, the museum will provide you with items as rewards, as well. As you collect items, the displays in the museum will change as well.

Additional Gear Crafts

Gear Shield – When holding the R button, you can activate this ability. Enemy attacks, Lava, and Poisonous marshlands will nullified by this ability.

Gear Hold – You activate this ability by holding down the jump button. When jumping in the air, you can use this to grab onto glowing gears (hold markers) and increase the height of your jump to get into otherwise unreachable places.

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2 thoughts on “Nayuta no Kiseki Site Updated – 7/6/2012 – New Characters and System Info

  1. Yotaka

    If the previous five Kiseki games have taught us anything, it’s that Nayuta should bury his sword in the professor’s face at the first opportunity. Better safe than sorry.

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