New Characters Revealed in the Ys the Foliage Ocean in Celceta Opening

Anumber of unrevealed characters showed up in the opening that was revealed today, but only two of them had names.

Ozma – Voiced by Daisuke Namikawa

Kanririka – Voiced by Yui Ogura

Other, currently nameless, characters that showed up are pictured below:

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5 Replies to “New Characters Revealed in the Ys the Foliage Ocean in Celceta Opening”

  1. Pretty sure the pink-haired girl should be Kanririka (it’s an Ainu name) and while we’re on the topic, while the details of its romanization are up for debate the main town should be KasNAn or something to that effect rather than CasTIn.

    Drawing on the example of all past versions of Ys IV’s story, the man with long silver hair is Eldeel, the woman with long purple hair is Bammy, the man in the flames is Guruda and the last figure is possibly Lemnos since he looks and dresses like Karna. The girl with the halberd is clearly new.

  2. From the 5 pics, I’m guessing the first one is Eldeel partly due to being in the same shot as Leeza further in the video. Second one definitely looks like Bami, and 4th is probably Garuda. I played through Dawn of Ys recently for the first time to get a better understanding of what IV Vita will contain and change. :)

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