Ys Celceta Website Updated – 7/19/2012

Thefollowing sections have been updated:


Danan – The Village of Historians
A village in the backwoods area of the great forest. The people of the village have inherited a mission from the ancient past.


Frida (cv: Yuuko Kaida) – A female knight from the village of Danan that serves a storyteller. She has a homunculus fairy, Nina, as a partner and wields a halberd. She has a gentle nature, she has an intellectual atmosphere to her, and seems to be extremely tolerant.
Nina (cv: Yui Kano) – A talkative and meddling homunculus that travels with Frida. Sometimes, she talks too much, and Frida has to remind her of it.


They bring up the attack types on the website now. Slash, Pierce, and Strike.
Slash attacks are from characters that wield blades, such as Adol. Enemies with soft flesh are weak to this type of attack.
Strike is for characters with impact-based attacks. Enemies with hard shells are weak to this sort of attack. Dunan uses strike attacks.
Pierce is for characters with long distance attacks, like Carna. Light and agile enemies are easier to strike with piercing attacks.

New skills have been revealed as well.

Ozma – Sougokuha – For a set amount of time, Ozma create a massive bubble of water. Any enemy that comes into contact with it takes damage.

Kanririka – Gold Marker – Large amounts of gold are dropped from an enemy as it’s hit. You get more gold if you kill an enemy with Gold Marker.

Frida – Ringetsudan – Upon quickly charging the enemy, a number of attacks are thrown upon approach. [ed note: I’m not sure on this name.]

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