Ys Online Still Available on Taiwanese Servers

Whilethe European and Japanese servers for Ys Online have been closed for quite some time, it seems that there’s still one open server. The best part is that not only is no region locking on it either, but they fully welcome overseas players as well- Paypal support has been added so that they can provide payments for the game. The only disadvantage is that the game is only available in Chinese.

That’s not too much of an issue, however. The Wallcrushers, an active, English-speaking guild from the European and Japanese versions, has joined onto the game and will assist any English speakers in playing along as well if they are interested. You can register and download the game for free here. (Site is also in Chinese) Once you login, if you need assistance, feel free to reach out to MP83 (character name: EdibleNasu) or RedHairdo (character name: Glato) for assistance.

You can find more information on the ALoY forums, both here and here

Happy hunting!

Thanks to MP83 for the tip!

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