Ys the Foliage Ocean in Celceta Website Updated – 7/12/2012


Twonew locations have been added to the website:

Selray – The Settlement on the Great River – A village on the river that specializes in fishing. To help with fishing in high rapids, they have trained the local beasts called ‘Sparda.’

Highland – the Town of Wisdom – A mysterious town high on the hills. In spite of being in the great forest, it seems to be a relatively modern town with paved streets.


Two new characters have been added to the site:

Canlilica (14) (cv: Yui Ogura) – A very curious young girl that adores Riesa. While she appears young, she is very logical and well-reasoned. She wants to be able to help Riesa and thus she tries to act bravely.

Ozma (20) (cv: Daisuke Namikawa) – He from the fishing community of Selray, and the last of the family devoted to raising the Sparda sacred beasts. He shows a seriousness and is enthusiastic about the villagers that he cares for. While he is inexperienced- so while he is also very aware of his own actions and maintains a calm composure, if anything of his parents or family comes up, he tends to forget himself.


Some of the character skills have been revealed:

Sky Drive (Adol) – Quickly jumping into the air, Adol will drive the sword down at the enemy.
Houyokukyaku (Dulen) – Dulen kicks the enemy three times to knock them into the air.
Napalm Throw (Carna) – Carna throws knives with a gunpowder device attached to them to create a large explosion upon hitting the enemy.

Challenge powerful enemies to learn new skills.

Characters will automatically learn new skills while in combat with enemies. Upon learning them, they automatically use it. Upon learning the new skill, it becomes available in the skill list in the menu to activate.

Personal Action
You can use personal actions to investigate the great Celceta forest.

Knife Throw (Carna) – Carna can throw knives at targets that are far away from the party. With this, she can cut ivy, ropes, and knock fruit to the ground. She can also take down rope bridges and the like and create new paths.
Open Locks (Dulen) – Dulen can open special treasure chests that require a key. What kind of unexpected items can they have in them?

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