Ys Celceta Website Updated 8/16/2012 – Adol’s Memories and Two New Characters

Ofcourse, the first thing people may remark on is the cute little Adol in this, but this is all because they have introduced Adol’s personal action in this update. As Adol is suffering amnesia, he has the ability to piece his own memories back together, and upon finding particular points, events will be added to the ‘memory’ section of the game’s camp menu, where you can freely select them and view them.


They have also revealed two new characters in this update.

Eldeel (Age Unknown) (cv: Hideyuki Tanaka) – A winged man who lives a solitary life on the top of the tower in the Land of Origins. Before Adol lost his memory, the two had encountered each other…
Vanjo (92 years old) – The elder of Danan, the village of historians. While he is 92 years old, somehow he does not appear to be his age. He has a lot of knowledge regarding the dynasty and the great forest.

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