Chinese Ao no Kiseki Coming to PC’s Q1 2013

(Warning,I’m having go by machine translation for much of this, as I don’t speak Chinese. I’ll do my best with it, but please let me know on corrections or additions. Thanks!)

BES has announced that the PC release of Falcom’s Ao no Kiseki will be released in China during the first quarter of 2013. The development is going smoothly, and they are near completion. The release will feature several versions, like with the previous games released.

The four versions released will be:
A digital version at 50 yuan.
The standard edition at 79 yuan.
Four versions of the Gold Edition box at 199 yuan.
And the deluxe edition at 299 yuan, limited to 2000
(It appears that there’s another version of the deluxe edition that’s limited to 1000 copies, as well, but I don’t have details on it.)

Note: Most of the images are not final. I imagine the final images will begin to show themselves here in the next few weeks or months.

The standard edition will contain the following items:

1. Ao no Kiseki screen cleaner
2. Ao no Kiseki shopping bag
3. Mishie keychain

The gold edition will contain:

1. Zero / Ao no Kiseki Official Data Book (328 pages) [This appears to be a Chinese translation of the Crossbell Archives book? -ed]
2. Arianrhod figurine [Note: the image is from the Zero Evolution extras. The one in the Chinese set will be different.]
3. Ao no Kiseki folder
4. 3D Image Card – Lloyd, Elie, Tio, and Randy
5. Master Arts Card Set
6. Ao no Kiseki pouch [Note: as with the Arianrhod figure, this is the image from the Zero-Evo extras. The one in this set will be different.]
7. Crystal portrait

The Deluxe Edition will contain the following:

1. Strategy Guide
2. Soundtrack CD
3. Wazy chibi figurine [I may be incorrect on this! -ed]
4. Tio Plato body pillow (W500mm x H1600mm) [Note: the image is based on the Japanese version. The version in this set may be different.]
5. 3D Image Card – Noelle, Rixia, Shirley, and Ilya
6. Orbment Pendant – silver plated
7. Puzzle
8. Keychain – Penguin KeA
9. Rixia figurine
10. Special Support Section badge

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