Falcom jdk Band Offline Meeting and Acoustic Live

Once again, the JDK Band will be having an offline meeting, come 9/23, at the same venue as last time, Loft Plus One. Tickets go on sale on 9/9 at 10:00 Japan Time. They will be 2,000 yen during presale, and 2,500 yen on the day of, food and drink is separate.

The doors open at 12:00, and the show will begin at 13:00.
Lawson Ticket Code: 38722

Participants: Kanako Kotera (Vocal), Toshiharu Okajima (Drums), Noriyuki Kamikura (Keyboard), Terakazu Inoue (Guitar), Enomoto Atsushi (Bass)
Guest: Toshihiro Kondo (Falcom’s president “Kon-chan”)

This particular meeting will take place just before the release date of Celceta, so it’s a good opportunity to watch it being played. Not only that, but there will be a live play of Zero no Kiseki Evolution as well. Will it be possible that Kondo may have some new news at the meeting as well?! Just like always, the JDK Members will be doing an acoustic live performance as well.

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