Ao no Kiseki Rubber Straps vol 3 Now Up for Preorder on Falcom’s Mail Order Site

Falcomhas announced two sets for their Ao no Kiseki rubber strap series. These feature a number of the girls in their swimsuits from Ao no Kiseki’s intermission scenes.

The A-Set (pictured above) contains the following:
Elie, Tio, KeA, Noel, and Fran.
Its order number on the Falcom mail order site is Y135.
This set costs 3,000 yen.

The B-Set contains:
Sully, Cecil, Ilya, and Rixia.
Its order number is Y140.
It costs 2400 yen.

Both of these will be shipping on 10/26.

[ Falcom Mail Order Store ]

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  1. If you don’t want to get all of the girls, it should be a lot cheaper to buy them from Amiami. Especially since I assume you have to proxy it from the mail order store if you don’t live in Japan. Each is 564 yen.

    Link (This leads to Noel, but if you scroll down to related items, you can click on them each individually):

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