Does This Theme Make Me Look Fat?

Excuse me. Something seems a little off here… I wonder what it could be?

I’m starting a quick beta-trial of my new layout for my website. This is the end result of doing some research for the past four-five months and planning. In the past few weeks, my site has had a very bizarre turn in widgets breaking and turning off and just moving.

…these are all part of the process of getting this new layout in place. It’s a little rocky, and there are a lot of things I need to change, still.

But so far, this gives people a good look of what I’ve been planning to do for a better part of this year.

Is something missing? Do you want something back? Do you want to hunt me down with a flamethrower for getting rid of that little, super narrow theme that cramped a lot of my media posts and so forth?

Let me know on either twitter or in a comment here.

Seriously. I want this to be the best I can get it for my userbase. However, it’s hard to get that without tossing it onto the users and lacking any sort of feedback.


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4 Replies to “Does This Theme Make Me Look Fat?”

    1. I can actively make changes to respond to critiques. The first is that I’ve changed the bg to see if that’s helped a bit more from what you’re looking into.

      This is closer to the original BG color that I had.

  1. Hello. I think the font size for the subtitles could be smaller. It’s too close in size with the actual site title. Also liked it how it use to be on the right side since it does not make the header seems left-heavy. The other thing is about the main navigation bar (Home Extra Life Raffle …). That’s… a bit too fat I think. Another thing is, could you possible add a texture feel to the navigation bar? At least it will differentiate between the main bar and the sub-nav-bar because as of right now, the two kind of meshes together due to the dark colors.

    1. The subtitles thing will have to be done when I can get a chance with photoshop for awhile. I’m not sure I can add a texture to the navigation bar.

      I’ll look into it later, to see if I can shift things a bit. I can, however, change the colors- make one lighter than the other.

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