Falcom Goods for Comiket 83 Include Three New Music Albums

Falcomhas announced that they will be at Comiket 83, with a slew of new goods. They will be there 12/29/2012 ~ 12/31. You can find them at West 4th Floor Enterprise booths, in booth # 552.

Prices also have yet to be released.

The items include:

Ys Zanmai – The third album of the ‘zanmai’ series. A CD to celebrate the Ys 25th anniversary. More details will be released in the future.

jdk Band Best of Kanako Kotera 1/2
jdk Band Best of Kanako Kotera 2/2 – Falcom vocal albums featuring the jdk Band vocalist, Kanako Kotera. CDs will include popular songs such as ‘I swear…’ and even new recordings.

Crossbell Police Department Band t-shirt

The t-shirt from the Zero no Kiseki Evolution CD covers has been recreated.

Falcom Pins Collection

Pins included: Adol, Tio, Mishie, KeA-Penguin, and Noi.
Size: 25x30mm
Material: Stainless

Falcom SD Character Pin Collection.

Zero no Kiseki 2013 Desktop Calendar

A desktop calendar featuring new artwork for Zero no Kiseki. More month images will be released in the future.

Falcom SD Character Print Cork Coasters

There are three sets of four cork coasters, each with different artwork on them.

Set A: Adol / Karna / Gades / Pickard
Set B: Canlilica / Ozma / Grizelda / Dogi
Set C: Lieze / Duren / Frida / Mishie

Sora no Kiseki Liberl Kingdom Crest Pendant C83 Ver.

Material: Silver-925
Size: 30x30mm
Texture: Plate Laser
Chain: 45cm

A re-issue of the silver pendant released in 2009.

New Illustration – Large Rixia B1 Tapestry

Size: 72.8cm x 103cm
A large tapestry for Zero no Kiseki Evolution featuring new artwork of Rixia.

Zero no Kiseki Joshua version Strap

Materials: Alloy, Polyester
Size: 15cm

A strap based on the accessory that hangs from Joshua’s ENIGMA orbment in Zero no Kiseki.

Mishie Sleep Set

Set contents:
A pouch with a blanket, eyemask, and rubber mascot.
Blanket: 800mm x 650mm
Eyemask: 195mm x 95mm
Rubber Mascot: 50mm x 50mm

[ Falcom Comiket 83 Website ]

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7 Replies to “Falcom Goods for Comiket 83 Include Three New Music Albums”

  1. Penguin KeA returns!

    Definitely looking forward to seeing what’s on Ys Zanmai (come on, Bronze District and Temple of the Sun) and I’ll predict right now that we’re going to finally get the full version of KoteKana’s Silver Will, Golden Wings on one of those two cds. Have to pick them all up after the fact once Falcom sells them directly, pity the shirt is a no-go.

  2. LOL @ “Lazy Hemisphere”. And just when I thought that Falcom couldn’t think of any sillier names…

    1. That’s a Polish ‘Dark L’ and they usually write it with the line through it to distinguish it from a normal one. His name is pronounced ‘Wazy’ and I imagine that if XSEED was ever able to pick up the game they would avoid the issue entirely by simply writing his name that way in the first place.

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