Ys Tribute Book Dated for Release on 12/14

Falcomhas been talking about the novelization of Nayuta no Kiseki and the Ys Tribute book for some time, through a joint project with Seikaisha and 4gamer.net. The cover for Ys Tribute, as well as the release date, has been revealed.

The authors that have been revealed are:

* Game Designer Yuuri Shibamura. The site shows that his selection for the ‘Best of Ys’ is Ys Seven.
* Novelist Norimitsu Kaihou. His selection for the Best of Ys is Ys I on the PC98.
* Novelist Ryo Morise. His selection for the best of the series is Ys I and Ys II.
* Game Designer Ukyou Kodachi. His selection for the ‘best of’ is Ys I.
* Novelist Pan Tachibana. His ‘Best of Ys’ is Ys I.

Each of these individuals will be writing a story for the Ys series- including an all-new adventure for Adol in one of them.

The stories will also be illustrated by Shunsuke Taue- the artist behind Ys Origin and Ys VI The Ark of Napishtim.

This book will be released on 12/14.

This isn’t the only book that is around the corner for release. The Nayuta no Kiseki novelization will be out in spring 2013, the second Zero no Kiseki novel will be released on 12/20, and the Zero no Kiseki Afternoon Tea and Sugar story collection from Falcom Magazine will be released on 12/8.

[ Falcom Novelizations Page – Ys]

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