More Images for the Chinese Releases of Ao no Kiseki on PC

Imagesof the Rixia figure have been revealed. Only 100 are available:

Images of the Wazy figure are out:

There’s an Olivier figure in the works, and they have their own Arianrhod figure:

There is also a Klose/Kloe figure, but no prototype revealed yet.

Three body pillows in two different boxes. One box has Wazy (slightly modified) on one side, and Randy on the other. The line art for a Rixia pillowcase has also been revealed:

The artwork on some of the 3D cards has also been revealed:

[ FalcomChina Blog ]

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    1. You won’t be able to – not one of the Chinese ones, at least. The pillow covers are all parts of different boxed sets in China. The only way for it would be to win it off of an auction from someone who doesn’t want it, or if someone were to actually release it individually.

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