The Erebonia Set ‘Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki’ for PS3 and PS Vita in 2013

Today,Falcom announced the latest title in the Zemurian-set Kiseki series, with The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki [????] to be released for both the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita in 2013.

This title will feature four new characters and will be set in the Erebonia Empire (finally!). It has a new system, graphics, and new platform for the series.

New additions to the system include:
Combat Link System
A speedy and intuitive command-based battle system. Overwhelm your enemies with the power of your bonds.

Active Voice
Movement, towns, and many conversation scenes will feature a voiced production.

360-degree Free Camera
The camera is operational to a full 360 degrees. This allows for an expressive presentation of a vast world.

More screenshots below:

More information as it’s revealed.

[ Falcom IR Report (PDF) ]
[ Article ]

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12 Replies to “The Erebonia Set ‘Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki’ for PS3 and PS Vita in 2013”

  1. >School setting

    Not impressed, Falcom.
    For your sake I hope you’re planning to invert that incredibly tired trope somehow.

    1. They started hinting at a military academy in Erebonia in Ao no Kiseki. I imagine that this is the school. Lots of intrigue with it already, and because Erebonia’s just ‘Erebonia’ there’s even more that’s likely to be seen out of it.

      I suspect that things will change as much as Zero no Kiseki ended up not being a ‘cop adventure.’

    2. >School Setting
      >”with the power of your bonds”

      I… think I know where Falcom is trying to get at.

      Don’t you?

    3. Can we wait for them to actually show more of the game first. Everything is a troupe already and having a school setting doesn’t make it bad by default.

    1. A school setting alone doesn’t mean the story or whatever can’t be good and we need more games that can actually do a school setting right. If you think about it there’s not really any school setting rpg’s its mainly just in anime. If anything the the first 4 trails games were generic in that they use the basic a boy from a villiage, goes on a journey and saves the day type of settings and the clothing were basically all from the country.

      A troupe doesn’t make this bad and by now everything is overdone in gaming already so you have to either reinvent or challenge the already made troupe by making it different and all of falcom games with their stories have done that even with generic character looks and settings.

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