Falcom Launches Innovation Unit for Smartphone, Tablet, and PC Game Development


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Falcom has announced that, with the direction of the representative director of the company, Toshihiro Kondo, they have started a new section within the company to be called the Innovation Unit to reach out to new audiences.

Focusing on RPGs, in the past few years, Falcom has seen a surge in fans and followers for their games. This year, they’re expecting a record with the sales for the upcoming Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki that’s expected to be released this fall.

As Falcom builds and strengthens their status in the console games market, people are expecting to see them tap into markets outside of the ‘packaged game’ areas. For this purpose, they have sought to create the new Innovation Unit in order to achieve these goals and create new areas of business for the company. This unit is to develop a variety of contents and reach to the fans through multiple approaches, which include smartphones, tablets, and PC, as well as provide network assistance with the company’s game contents.

The Innovation Unit will be developing packaged games, planning, developing, and supporting mobile games while under the direction of Masao Ishikawa, who will serve to help with bringing this department from infancy. Masao Ishikawa is a veteran from Game Arts, and was involved in the development of their popular ‘Grandia.’ He has since been involved with G-Mode in the development of their popular Tetris Online Japan mobile games. He has also seen time with DartsLive games, who have developed multiple mobile games, including games for Legend of the Galactic Heroes and Hajime no Ippo. Falcom expects for his experience to bring success to the Innovation Unit.

[ Falcom IR Report (PDF) ]

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  1. Ha! Memories. Back in 1982 I bought my first computer, a used Apple 2+ at Falcom which was located on the second floor walkup that was about the size of the average American 2-car garage. There were only 2 or 3 people working there then. After I bought the Apple I used to make a trip there every month to pick up Softalk which they imported from the USA: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Softalk

    I was wondering if Falcom was still around as they vacated the previous building they were in.
    I am an American and have been in Japan since 1970. I still live in Tachikawa. And after moving to an Amiga the various Windows PCs, I am back with Apple.

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