[Magazine Leaks] Character Profiles for Sen no Kiseki Showing Up


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Translated info from Hokanko. This is data found in this week’s Dengeki Playstation.

The game is to be released in 2013.
Prologue: As of late, for the militaristic nation, the Erebonia Empire, as found in western Zemuria, has found that the Noble families are clashing with the Reformists, an organization of commoners centered around the Iron-Blood Prime Minister. These conflicts are beginning to spill out into a government operated school located in the outskirts, known as the Thors Academy, and it follows a boy named Rin, the adopted son of a baron who has just been accepted to the school.

Crimson Capital Heimdall:
The image of a red city with numerous rail lines and stations has been revealed to the public.
There is artwork of urban areas. All doors will be accessible within the city, and all inhabitants will be named.

Imperial Military Tanks
Airships – Illustrations show a red airship
Orbal Tram – Street car system throughout Heimdall
Orbal Bike – There are variations with sidecars.
Cable Car

Thors Military Academy
It is suspected (as in, not in the article) that this is the school that Olivier serves as a director for.
Uniform color is used to show social status. White uniforms belong to the nobles, while green uniforms are worn by those with ‘commoner’ status. The characters are wearing red uniforms due to the current work they’re doing for a class with the Thors Academy. [ed: I made a correction here! Sorry about that.]

Rin Schwartzer [ed: the romanization in the original post was incorrect.]
17 years old. Uses a long sword. The adopted son of Baron Schwartzer. Since he has issues with feeling inferior, he has joined the military academy in an attempt to learn more about himself.
He practices the style of Hachiyou Ittou. Seven years ago, he met the master swordsman Yun Kafei and became his student. Yun Kafei is Anelace’s grandfather and Cassius’ teacher.

Alisa Leinfort
17 years old. Uses an orbal bow. She is the daughter of the chairwoman of the major orbal production company in Erebonia. She is rebelling against the urges to work for the president, like her mother, and has joined the military academy. She has an intense personality, but is softhearted on the inside. [ed: Please correct me if I’m wrong on this. Something doesn’t feel right.]

Elliot Craig [ed: original transcription was incorrect.]
16 years old. Uses an orbal staff. Son of the Redhaired Craig, a general within the Imperial military. He has a tender personality and enjoys music. He wishes to go to a music conservatory, and is opposed to his father’s decision to have him enrolled into a military academy. Elliot uses an orbal staff, much like the one being developed by the Epstein Foundation, except that his comes from the Leinfort Company.

Laura S. Arseid
17 years old. She uses a two-handed sword. She is the daughter of Viscount Arseid, and her family is a military family with the might that can rival that of the Vander family. She has a natural talent with using her sword, and is naive about the world around her.

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  1. >Yun Kafei is Anelace’s grandfather and Cassius’ teacher.
    And it begins

    >[ed: Please correct me if I’m wrong on this. Something doesn’t feel right.]
    My take on it would be
    “She rebelled against her mother, the chairwoman, and joined the military academy to feel more independent. She looks harsh, but is actually a kind person.”
    (I knew she’d be a tsundere, sigh.)

    Also, seeing Elliot mistranslated as Tio’s son around the internet is hilarious.

  2. As long as they don’t go overboard with the tsun, a tsundere is fine too.

    And I think pretty much everyone called her being a tsundere.

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