Sen no Kiseki in Action at Sony’s Spring 2013 PSVita Event


Overnight,Sony held a streamed video event to reveal images and videos of upcoming PS Vita titles. Amongst them, we finally receive a video to show Sen no Kiseki in action.

Thanks to Hansuramu from Twitter for uploading the video.

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3 Replies to “Sen no Kiseki in Action at Sony’s Spring 2013 PSVita Event”

  1. I find it amusing that the Kiseki games started featuring stacked girls right after they stopped being TitS.

    Juvenile comments aside, the battle system thankfully seems to be the same as always… at least for now. I was fearing they’d add some ATB elements, judging from the first announcements.

    1. Looks at first TItS games…Huh? They’ve always had females that were stacked and some even more than how these females are. Still this is normal size actually, females have big bewbs and these are normal sized big proportions and not balloon sized.

      Also why would you be against them changing up the battle system even a little bit?

  2. We saw the turn order indicator in earlier screenshots though. Still up in the air what they’re adding that’s supposed to keep us on our toes during battles. Also, we get official romanizations for our initial quartet but Rean’s pose partially obscures his last name.

    As for the stacked girls post TiTS… well, few can match the girls of Oppai no Kiseki but Schera and Lucciola put up a fight.

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