New Sen no Kiseki Characters and Details in this Week’s Famitsu


Thisweek’s Famitsu has a bit of information to reveal on Sen no Kiseki.

Jump behind the cut for images and details:



Machias Legneitz
17 years old with black hair and glasses and he uses a shotgun for his weapon. The son of the Imperial Capital’s governer, who is involved in the Reformist activities, Machias is antagonistic towards nobles and the noble students of Thors Academy. Due to his unrelenting nature, he’s become the ‘vice chairman’ of Class VII.


Eusis Albaria
17 years old with blond hair and blue eyes, and he uses a sword for his weapon. [ed: technically ‘double-edged sword’ or ‘knight’s sword.] He is the second son of Duke Albaria of the Kreushon [ed: ‘??????’ – I’m going with a German word from that pronounciation?] region. As he shows the typical arrogant nature of a noble, he and Machias often clash. He is interested in traditional Imperial swordsmanship, as well as other forms of swordplay.


Sara Valestein

25 years old with red hair pulled up. She uses a sword and orbal gun combination for her weapons. She’s a powerful fighter, and is the teacher in charge of Class VII. She leads a boisterous life, and doesn’t really keep it too private. She’s a self-styled woman with a liking for good looking, middle aged men.
One of the screenshots on a page implies that she is able to join the party, as well.


Chairman Vandike

70 years old with white hair pulled back, and he uses an zanbatou as a weapon. He was the general of the Imperial military, and possesses an impressive 2 meter tall height. He’s a man of considerable talents and has assembled the group known as Class VII.


The face of the silver haired girl has been revealed. Another girl has also been revealed, as seen on the right.

World Setting

Trista is located to the east of Heimdallr, and is accessible via a 20 minute train ride. The north side of Trista has the Thor’s Academy, and it is a student heavy town. In Trista, you can find many shops: Cairn’s Bookstore, Trista Broadcasting Station, Trista Rail Station, Mihyuto’s Pawn Shop, Septian Church’s Trista Cathedral, and the boutique, Le Cierge.


The Trista Broadcasting Service is put together through a joint project of the Imperial News Company and the Reinford Firm and it has been widely introduced across the Empire.
The Imperial News service has a leaning towards news regarding the nobles, and they often hesitate to report on the Prime Minister’s acts for reform.
You will be able to listen to the radio station in-game.

Throughout the game, the seasons will change. Along with these changes, the outfits available in the boutique will change as well.

The article also confirms the return of the fishing system as seen in the previous games.

Thor’s Academy, Class VII
All of the members of Class VII will carry the ARCUS model of tactical combat orbments.
Members of Class VII are screened regardless of their social status, and foreign students can be accepted into this special group.
The students of this special, Class VII are more independent than other students at the academy, and thus they wear a different colored uniform.

To see the original images from the Famitsu article, please view the thumbnails below:

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  1. Looks good and I’m getting more and more excited. Why do they keep showing the backs of the female characters they have yet to reveal, what kind of teaser is that lol. All the characters look good so far and sound good so far. I can’t wait to see the 2 female characters official artwork as well and see what their weapons are. Its also nice that it seems you’ll be able to change clothing which is always nice to have.

    1. Forgot to comment of the world settings which look very good and its nice to see that you can ride a train among other things.

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