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Asuburban town that’s to the east of the capital and reachable via a 20 minute ride on the transcontinental railroad. It is a somewhat old-fashioned town, maintaining a snug atmosphere, and as the Thors Academy is in the northern portion of the town, the streets are usually filled with students and faculty. The town also has the Trista Radio Station- which broadcasts the various orbal radio programs.



Trista Radio Station
A combined effort between the Imperial announcements and Reinfort Company has brought about the radio broadcasting office. On the radio broadcast, you can hear music, news programs, and even sports updates. However, the government filed a lawsuit against the radio company, stating that they had a monopoly on the public matters, and since the noble families and imperial military have put pressure on the radio service for checks on the data being broadcast.

Imperial Chronicle
A traditional news agency that has been around in Erebonia for over 100 years. Originally, it was read by the middle class and higher, but in recent days, it has become a way of spreading news for the Iron Blood Prime Minister and the reformist faction. Due to their checking of data that’s being reported, the Trista Radio Station has begun to apply pressure on the Imperial Chronicle.



Eusis Albarea
From one of the four great families, Eusis is the second son of Duke Albarea who governs the Kreushon Region to the east. He has a haughtiness that is typical of nobles, but mostly to keep up appearances rather than for ill-will.

His first encounter with Machias ended up becoming a clash that managed to ruin his normally composed attitude. The fact that he sneers at the ridiculous nature of commoners obsessed with their hatred for nobility seems to add fuel to the fire.

He has learned the traditional court swordsmanship from his brother, and has become very skilled in it as a result of his practice. He is interested in Rean’s Hacchi You Ittou sword style and Laura’s swordsmanship.

Machias Legneitz
The son of governer Legneitz of the reformist group in the imperial capital. He is the ‘glasses-wearing’ prodigy type of student, and as he holds himself to strict standards, he does the same with other students as well. He regrets that he let the top score of the entrance exam get away from him, but he has since become the ‘vice chairman’ [Ed: vice president] of Class VII.

He’s very open about his criticism to the nobles and their unchanging ways, as such, he is rather antagonistic towards other noble students. His first encounter with, Eusis, one of the nobles, has given an aggravated atmosphere to the class.

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