Sora no Kiseki the 3rd Kai HD to be Released on 6/27/2013


Falcomhas announced today that the third and final volume of the original Sora no Kiseki trilogy will be released to the PS3 on 6/27/2013.

Just as with the other Kai HD titles, this will be using HD assets, as well as be compatible with the save and clear data from the PSP version. Falcom has also made note that the character episodes of 3rd will help lead players in to Sen no Kiseki.

Extra Contents will include the entirity of the Sora no Kiseki the 3rd original soundtrack in DRM-free digital format, as well new original calendar illustrations for 3rd, and special Sen no Kiseki wallpapers.


[ Falcom IR Report (PDF) ]

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  1. It probably won’t happen if the CERO rating says anything but I’d sing Falcom’s praises to the moon if they would restore the missing content from Star Door 15. They could replace everything but that one image without it being a problem, I would imagine.

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