Sen no Kiseki Website Update – 5/2/2013

There were a number of updates to the Sen no Kiseki website last Thurs and Friday. I’ve compiled a list of them below.




He comes from the northeast regions of Erebonia, from the Nord Plateau. He is tall with dark skin, and uses a spear for a weapon. He tended to sheep and horses on his family’s fields.

He is the oldest of four children, with two younger brothers and a younger sister. Despite living in a remote area, his grades aren’t that bad due to hard work with church school teachings from a traveling priest. He has traveled a long way to attend the military academy, thanks to the endorsements from a certain Imperial military commander.



A skilled female officer tied to the Imperial Military’s train military police branch that is also one of the Iron Breed, supervised by Prime Minister Girias Osborne. She is known as the ‘Ice Maiden’ and is cautious towards the people of the noble class.


Rufus Albarea

Jusis’ older brother, and the successor of the Albarea home, one of the four houses of Erebonia. He, along with a ‘certain prince,’ is one of the popular discussion topics amongst the nobles.

He is frank with his people, and has a firm belief that the class system is necessary for the empire. As he is a powerful influence on the imperial military, the Reformists wish to be able to control him.



Nord Highlands

This is the plateau found in the northeastern region of the Empire, beyond the Isengard mountain range. The people of this region have been nomads since ancient times, with their livelihood revolving around tending sheep and horses in these pastures.


Nomadic Village of Nord

Gaius’ hometown, located in the central area of the Nord Plateau. Populated with transportable dwellings called ‘gel.’



Train Military Police

An elite force in the imperial military that was sponsored by Prime Minister Girias Osborne and are responsible for the train lines that are spread out throughout the empire. They frequently work with the new information bureau that was also established by the prime minister as well.


All-Round Communication and Unison System (ARCUS)

A new generation combat class orbment developed through joint efforts of the imperial Reinfort Group and the Epstein Foundation that possesses both a simplistic communication system, as well as the Master Quartz functionality.

Its greatest ability is its “Combat Link” function, that allows allies in combat to ‘resonate’ with each other, allow them to perform powerful attacks together, and increase the effectiveness of abilities between individuals with strong ties to each other.


Wallpaper Update


The new wallpaper is now available as well, featuring Alisa Reinford. This will be up until 5/9/2013.
It is available in the following resolutions:

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