XSEED Games Buys Atlus Online, Becomes Marvelous USA


XSEEDhas announced their acquisition of Atlus Online, and that they will become Marvelous USA. There doesn’t appear to be a change of hands in leadership, as XSEED’s current CEO, Shinichi Suzuki will remain in charge of Marvelous USA, and Ken Berry will be in charge of localization for console and handheld games.

XSEED has already been under parent company Marvelous AQL for quite some time, and numerous reassurances from both Tom (via comments on Silicon Era) and Jess (via @XSEEDGames on twitter – tweet quoted below) that they will still continue to publish games under the XSEED Games name.

Tom has also said that this means that XSEED may get more overseas support, as well as get more Marvelous titles:

It’s really no change for you guys. We’re still going to be releasing games under the name XSEED, just as we always have.

If this announcement has any repercussions to XSEED stuff, it’ll be that (A) we might get more overseas support than ever before, and (B) we might get more Marvelous titles. Both of which are good things. ;)

[ SiliconEra ]

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