jdkTV episode 13 Live on Nico Douga


Thenewest episode of jdkTV has been posted!

To start, we have Okaji and Kamicha sitting with Shiorin and Gachitomo, the or ‘Special Support Section Apprentices’ for Falcom Radio. Okaji talks about the original Ys I, running it from the ProjectEGG emulation program, and shows how the game is played with its infamous “bump system.”


There are talks about the various differences- with Gachitomo playing Ys I on the PC Engine as well. Kamicha shows the original box for Ys I as well as its 5.25in floppies. They also bring up the video footage that’s found on the North American release of the Ys OVA series, showing some of the original jdk Band from its debut.


The second section includes Kanako’s Ys Adventure- her playthrough of the first game from Ys Chronicles on the PSP. This time around, she’s at the mines and gets to the battle with Vagullion. Multiple attempts, and quite some time later, after some instruction on how to get the silver sword, Kanako successfully defeats the boss with 9 HP left and is very emotional over her success.

On the next episode of jdkTV, we’ll be following Kanako into Darm Tower.


The third section of the video, as always, is an acoustic performance. This episode’s performance is Sono Yuuki, Sono Hitomi, Sono Yasashisa de, the vocal rendition of Duzel’s Letter from the Legend of Heroes III: White Witch.

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