Kiseki Series Timeline Added to Sen no Kiseki Website (SPOILERS for Earlier Titles)


Ina recent update on Sen no Kiseki’s website, Falcom has added a timeline to it. The above image from the timeline also confirms that this takes place between Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki.

For the most part, this timeline states basic plot items that are already known, except for a couple. As I understand that people wish to avoid spoilers, there are the usual warnings for continuing on with this post if you’ve only played Trails in the Sky and wish to remain unspoiled.

Year Event
952 The Imperial Lion’s War ends. Prince Dreikers [ed: ??] becomes Emperor.    
1154 C. Epstein dies in the Leman region
1157 The Zeiss Central Factory is opened by Albert Russell under the original name of Zeiss Technology Workshop
1162 Alicia II becomes queen at 20 years old
1173 Zeiss Central Factory is established
1187 Passenger Ship Eterna sinks at sea. Judas, the crown prince of Liberl, and his wife are killed in the accident
1190 The Epstein Foundation and the Zeiss Central Factory together announce the idea of the Orbal Network
1192 The Hundred Days War breaks out between the Liberl Kingdom and the Erebonia Empire
1197 Rean becomes a student of Yun Kafei
  Joshua is adopted by the Bracer Cassius
1198 Bracer Cassius Bright is promoted to S Rank
1199 The twin rail cannons at Galeria Fortress are deployed
1201 Guy Bannings is killed while investigating a case.
  Lloyd Bannings is sent to live with relatives in the Calvard Republic
1202 The Imperial Chapters of the Bracers Guild are attacked simultaneously Sora no Kiseki FC

Trails in the Sky
  The airship Linde goes missing.
  Apprentice Bracers Estelle and Joshua Bright set off on their journey from Rolent
  The festival in the Liberl Kingdom to celebrate the queen’s 60th birthday
  The Liberl Kingdom enters a peace treaty with three nations. Sora no Kiseki SC
1203 The incident with the Orbal Suppression Phenomenon occurs in the Liberl Kingdom
  Girias Osborne, Prime Minister of Erebonia, has his audience with Queen Alicia II in Liberl Sora no Kiseki the 3rd
  The Jaegar band, Red Constellation, enters the Calvard Republic and has a large scale conflict with Heiyue
  Kevin Graham and Ries Argent recover the artifact called the Arca of Recluse in Liberl
1204 The Special Support Section is founded within the Crossbell Police Department Zero no Kiseki
  Class VII is founded within the Thors Military Academy
  The Crossbell State celebrates its 70th anniversary of its founding
  The Jaegar band, Red Constellation, enters Crossbell Ao no Kiseki
  The West Zemuria Trade Conference is held in the Crossbell State

[ Sen no Kiseki Official Website – Timeline ]

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