New Characters and Orbment Information in This Week’s Dengeki Playstation and Famitsu



Thisarticle opens with Elise standing next to Princess Alfin.


Viscount Viktor S. Arseid (cv. Hiroki Yasumoto)
43 years old and uses a two-handed sword. He is a middle-aged man with a goatee, that is also Laura Arseid’s father. Known as the ‘Swordsmith of Light,’ he is one of the Empire’s greatest swordsmen.


Viktor is the feudal lord over the lakeside village of Legram, and has opened a military training field where he is the lead instructor.
For generations, the family has used Lohengrin Castle as its home. This castle was once used by the Ironsides and their leader, the Spear Saint Riann, the hero of the Lion War.


Princess Alfin (cv. Satomi Satou)
15 years old. Alfin is the daughter of the emperor who also attends the St Astraia Girl’s School, and she is the twin sister to Prince Cedric. She has long, wavy blonde hair, and an angelic disposition, so she is very popular amongst the people of the Empire. When with her close friend Elise, she can be a bit of a prankster. She often acts as support for her kind, timid brother. Her relationship with her step-brother, “that prince” isn’t bad.
(Thanks to Lenster for catching that!)

Elise Schwarzer
Elise’s voice actor has been revealed to be Saori Gotou.

Staff Comment:
Viscount Arseid is top of the class in strength in the Empire. While he can’t be easily compared, he is approximately an equal to Loewe and Arios in fighting strength. He distances himself from politics, which allows him a degree of freedom within the Empire.


This issue delves into the arts provided by the combat class orbment, ARCUS.


Once slots are unsealed, you can insert quartz into them.
All the quartz on a single line will interact with each other. There can be multiple lines in a single orbment. (ed: see the above picture.)

You can find multiple types of quartz:
Normal – The most inexpensive quartz, and the most common sort. One will give you one ability or art you can cast. For example: Attack 1 would give you STR up, and the Silver Thorn quartz will give you the ability to cast the art Silver Thorn.

Rare – These quartz will have several abilities tied to them. You can find these at shops, as well. Recovery, for example, will allow you to heal on the field, as well as give you the ability to use some arts.

SRare – This is the highest grade quartz and can grant high abilities and/or arts. These cannot be bought in shops.

Master Quartz – This is a special quartz that is socketed into the center slot of the orbment. This quartz will level up through combat, and as it does, it either strengthens or gains new abilities that are exclusive to this quartz.
Force – Physical attack of the user is increased greatly, and at the beginning of a fight, the character gains a boost in STR for a set number of turns.


Arts are magic that you cast at the cost of EP. Arts can be anything from attack, to recovery, to support. Like quartz, arts come in the seven elements and enemies have a variety of weaknesses based on the elements. Exploit these weaknesses to deal more damage on the enemies.

Example arts:
Chrono Burst – Time element art that allows the target to take turns in succession.
Altea Cannon – Numerous lasers fire from the sky with this Space art, striking the enemies on the ground. This art can lower ATS and ADF (Arts Strength and Arts Defense).
Ancient Glyph – This Earth element art summons a massive boulder from the sky that crashes onto its target. It can petrify as well.
Judgement Bolt – A bolt of lightning is fired in a straight line with this Wind element art. All enemies in its path are hit, and can have Seal Craft set on them.


More information can be found in the gallery of scans below:

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  1. “That prince” confirmed, excellent

    >Quartz info
    Specific arts linked to specific quartz? I can’t say I like the sound of this

  2. It’s not as bad as it sounds if you look at the details in the scan. For example, Recovery apparently grants access to the entire Tear line of spells and we can see that Master Quartz ‘Angel’ grants six different Arts when fully leveled. I suspect that a cunning combination of Quartz will eventually allow characters to get an Art list similar in scope to what they would have gotten under the first system, especially if the S-Rare ones grant a large number of Arts.

    My question is exactly how Lines will work now that they aren’t used to calculate your available arts.

    Also, absolutely loving the mass Arianrhod references because that means we can expect lots and lots of backstory.

    1. Limited availability quartz (and if we take the previous games as reference, that would mean you get 1 or 2 of those at most) would mean limited availability of certain arts, too. I don’t readily appreciate the loss of flexibility.

      Maybe the lines mean some hybrid system, to allow characters with poor orbment setup to use powerful arts? I suppose we can only hope.

      1. Maybe we just have to rely on crafts more. I’m all for a change to the gameplay though, the previous games have been a bit too easy, even on Nightmare.

        1. Is that easiness because of arts, though? Because they already nerfed them quite hard in Ao, at least as far healing was concerned.

          Either way, I liked the original system, even if it was easy. I don’t exactly play Kiseki games for the challenge, anyway…

  3. Oh yeah.

    >However, she does not get along with “that prince,” who is her step-brother.
    Isn’t it actually the opposite

    1. Ah! Yes, you’re right. I totally misread the ‘warukunai’ when I was working on the article. Thanks. :D

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