New Characters and System Info Added to the Sen no Kiseki Website



Though already revealed, Ai Nonaka for Towa Herschel and Naomi Shindou for Angelica Rogner have been posted onto the website.


Not only have their seiyuu been announced, but Towa and Angelica have been added to the character details page.


Towa Herschel
* Despite her petite build, she’s one of the older students at the military academy and serves as the president of the student council. She is a commoner who has put in a lot of hard work and managed to surpass the prideful nobles, and she has become a popular person. Through these things, she has managed to earn the recommendation to become the head of the student council.
* As an upperclassman to Rean and the others, when they find themselves confronted with an issue, she is available to provide advice to them.


Angelica Rogner
* Angelica is the daughter of Marquis Rogner, the Great Family that oversees the northern Noltia region. She is a beautiful young woman who wears a biking suit instead of her uniform, and rides her orbal bike everywhere. Next to her love of bikes is her love of women, and it is rumored that she has many girlfriends both in and out of the academy.
* She is a very close friend to Towa, and often serves as support to Rean and the rest of Class VII.


Each character has special, unique skills. At designated levels, they will gain new abilities as well. These Crafts have a variety of abilities, such as attacking multiple enemies within a specific range, setting status effects on targeted enemies, recovering allies, or boosting their strengths. Crafts are used by spending CP, points that are earned as you deal damage to enemies and take damage from enemies.


Kouyou Kiru – Rean
With his blade in its sheath, Rean charges the enemy, and as he passes, the enemies are cut down as the sword is drawn in a flash of light. This attack has an added AT Delay effect to it, as well.


Thunder (Sara)
Sara fires random shots within range, and any enemy hit is also struck by lightning. There’s also a high probability that the enemies will be affected by the Seal Craft effect.


Echoes Beat (Eliot)
The energy from within sound waves revitalizes everyone in the party. Those within range will have their defense (DEF) increased and will begin to restore their health (HP) gradually.


When a character surpasses 100 CP, they can spend all of their CP at once to use a powerful craft known as an S-Craft. You press the triangle button and the direction for the specific character and it can be used at any point in battle. S-Crafts can be used to turn the tables on a desperate situation in battle.

Fire Blade (Rean)
With his sword wrapped in burning flames, Rean cuts through a large group of enemies in a single shot with this special Hachiyou Ittou technique.

Ougi – Kouha Ranbu (Laura)
As her sword takes on an aura of brilliant light, Laura uses an Arseid family technique to deliver a flurry of strikes on the enemy.

Rod Alberion (Emma)
A countless number of towers are summoned from a magical field drawn on the ground. At the center of the towers, an overwhelming force of energy gathers and fires upon the enemies on the battlefield.

Weekly Wallpaper


This week’s wallpaper is available, and is for Emma Milstein. It can be found in the following resolutions:
960×544 (Vita)

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3 Replies to “New Characters and System Info Added to the Sen no Kiseki Website”

  1. Plenty of screenshots which are nice but there still isn’t a video :(. That said I really love Towa design, she looks kinda tomboyish but still feminine at the same time. Glad to see sara in combat also and I can tell I’m going to use her every time she’s available.

    1. Falcom appears to be on a similar timetable for marketing/hyping Sen no Kiseki as they were with Ao no Kiseki. If they’re following that, I suspect that we won’t see much until closer to the end of June or sometime in July.

      If you exclude its announcement video, the first video for Ao no Kiseki didn’t show up until middle of July. The big demo movie for Ao no Kiseki didn’t show up until the end of July, which marked the point to push their marketing more.

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