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Theupdate for the Sen no Kiseki website from 5/30 includes the beginning of the reveals for the special items from various shops, as well as the release information for the game. We still don’t have box art yet, but that should be coming soon.

Ordering Open

Falcom has announced the prices of the PS3 and Vita versions of Sen no Kiseki both with and without the drama CDs:

Standard – 7800 yen
Drama CD – 8800 yen

Standard – 6800 yen
Drama CD – 7800 yen

There is still no cover art for the drama CD, as well, and no details on the story of the drama CD at this point. It’s very likely that it hasn’t been recorded yet.

The first release of the game for all copies will include an all color visual book for Sen no Kiseki, along with the various shop preorder items as well.


Lawson | HMV
Preorder Sen no Kiseki from Lawson, and you can receive a code for Lawson employee uniform costumes for the main party of the game.
To place your preorder at the Loppi console in Lawson stores, simply enter the product number below:
-Sen no Kiseki Drama CD Edition-
PS3 Version: 0144495 | PSVita Version: 014549
-Sen no Kiseki Standard Edition-
PS3 Version: 014601 | PSVita Version: 015390
Preorder Period: 5/30 ~ 9/16 | Delivery Date: 9/26

To pre-order from the Alpaca Shop:
You can place your order from the Sen no Kiseki Product Page

(No picture available)
Product Code for an original costume for all of Class VII will be available from TATSUYA

(No picture available)
Product Code for an original costume for all of Class VII will be available from Geo | Sofmap | Vic Camera | Kojima | Yodobashi Camera | Yamada Electronics | Joshin
(No picture available)
Combat Orbment ARCUS Original Cover and Class Entry Congratulatory Item DLC

(No picture available)
The above DLC + Sofmap Limited Edition Item

Kogado Omnishop
(No picture available)
Battle Orbment ARCUS Rubber Strap

Falcom Online Shop
(No picture available)
Secret Preorder Item – The preorder item is still being finalized.

…and other shop bonuses are coming soon.

Special – Cast Commentary

Thanks to Yotaka at the XSEED boards for allowing me to use the following translation of the commentary from the game’s cast members.

Kouki Uchiyama – Rean Schwarzer


What are your impressions after recording?
The character designs have a nice pop feel to them but the story is serious. You get the impression of a revolution based on the conflict of ideologies. Despite the school setting, the students get caught up in political issues and that causes everyone problems. Rean’s character grows as the story advances so I had to work on capturing that in my performance. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

What are your thoughts on your character?
Rean is a straightforward young swordsman. He’s able to accept everyone without discrimination and cares for all of Class VII. He feels it’s important to give the impression of straightforward-ness but you can sense a brighter side to him as well.

Do you have a message for the fans?
Since this is the newest game in the series, of course people who have played the previous games should enjoy it. There’s so much material out there but I enjoyed the work even though I’m not familiar with everything. I think even people who haven’t experienced the series before should enjoy the game.

Yui Horie – Alisa Reinford

What are your impressions after recording?
It’s a really magnificent story with lots of human relations at the heart of it, way more than just ‘go and fight monsters’. For example, Alisa’s relationship with her mother and the obligations owed to one’s family are issues characters have to face. It’s got lots of complicated elements but I think it’s a very interesting story that it’s telling.

What are your thoughts on your character?
She’s a cute-looking girl but you can see from her expressions that she’s also very determined. She’ll stick through whatever she’s doing until the end; right now her story is all about independence from her family and finding her own way as she grows up. It starts as a rebellious feeling but in the end it’s about accepting who she is. She can seem crabby but at heart she’s a strong and dependable girl with a lady’s upbringing. At the same time, she might say ‘Don’t thank me!’ instead of ‘You don’t need to thank me.’ (laughs).

Do you have a message for the fans?
I think this game will be a great experience for people who haven’t played the series before, though people who have will definitely have fun saying to themselves ‘Hey, look how this is connected!’. Right now I don’t know what all those points are because this is my first exposure to it but now I want to try everything else out. I think this game should be really fun on its own; between it and all the other ones the world overflows with a sense of history and liveliness. The characters all have their own distinct personalities and whether you play on the PS3 or the Vita I hope you’ll enjoy the graphics, the relations between the characters and the coming of age story that’s being told.

Ryouko Shiraishi – Eliot Craig


What are your impressions after recording?
Right now it feels like the end of an arduous journey (laugh). It’s quite a sense of accomplishment with everything that’s happened. Everyone has done such a great job. Finishing something like this is a great feeling.

What are your thoughts on your character?
Eliot is so adorable! He’s got a girlish appearance and hesitancy in his speech. He seems timid at first but in the end? He’s sentimental so things can be tough for him. The Orbal Staff he uses fits his personality and his unique way of fighting is cute too. He gets along differently with Rean than he gets along with girls, which is interesting. There’s a real sense of ‘youth!’ to him. Each character has their own issues to deal with, Eliot’s concerns are mostly about himself.

Do you have a message for the fans?
While I knew of the series this is my first time being a part of it and I’m glad I was able to participate. There are a lot of games with cute students fighting but I’ll be happy if people come to love Eliot when they play the game. I hope everyone enjoys it!

Mariya Ise – Laura S. Arseid


What are your impressions after recording?
This is such a popular series and I hope people who have been been enjoying it for so long will also enjoy this new entry and will come to like Laura. This story involves lots of people serving in the military, including a lot of brave girls. While I was recording I was thinking ‘Wow, this is cool’ and had a lot of fun.

What are your thoughts on your character
Just looking at her, she seems really refined. Then you look at the lower half of her uniform and her nice body and see that she keeps herself fit (laughs). She swings around a sword that’s as big as she is so she’s obviously strong and I wanted to convey her serious side while recording her. As the tale progresses she forms bonds with Rean and the other characters. Sometimes she comes off as a little spacey in her dialogue like ‘I’m a perfectly proportioned seventeen year old!’. She spends a lot of time talking with Rean and deals with herself as a soldier and herself as a seventeen year old girl. As the latter, I think she’s really sweet.

Do you have a message for the fans?
I look forward to everyone who has followed the series really enjoying the newest game. It has its story and fighting, conflict and friendship and tears and I think it should be very fun. For the people new to the series, there are all the new characters and so many strong points to the game so I hope they’ll enjoy the game as well. One of Laura’s cute points is her sense of military masculinity but she also has her feminine side. I hope you enjoy her and enjoy the game!

Takuya Satou – Machias Regnitz


What are your impressions after recording?
This is a story about an academy and I think the interpersonal relationships and conflicts are really interesting. There’s a strong message in the underlying drama and as the game progresses people will be amazed by the sorts of things that happen and should really have fun with it.

What are your thoughts on your character?
When you first look at him, your impression is that he’s grumpy and unapproachable but he’s a surprisingly hard worker who does his best even if he’s in the shadows. He seems to be a shy person who doesn’t let things show and keeps his passions hidden, it’s kind of cute. I suppose you could say he’s pure and afraid of misunderstandings (laughs). He hides it but I think he wants to be noticed and accepted by others. He carries emotional scars from the past which seem to involve Jusis. I feel if he could open up the two might become friends.

Do you have a message for the fans?
The six games so far tell a story of three countries but as much as has happened before, I think people can enjoy this game on its own. I think it would be interesting to be introduced to this world from this point. I hope everyone will take advantage of this opportunity to have fun with the Kiseki series.

Shinnosuke Tachibana – Jusis Albarea


What are your impressions after recording?
I’ve been following the series for a long time so I was very excited about this project. There are so many characters entwined in the story and it’s fascinating. You could say this work is about is an academy where everyone faces their own troubles and grows to adulthood, that’s one part at least. Jusis is really aloof and it was fun to play him. He has a lot of blunt lines that give a sense of his personality.

What are your thoughts on your character?
Jusis is from a noble family so at first he seems unapproachable and gives the impression of someone completely confident in himself. That confident appearance and need to project the image of a proper aristocrat is the origin of a lot of his problems. How he changes as a result of his time at the academy is an interesting part of the story.

Do you have a message for the fans?
There are a lot of people looking forward to this. The usual enjoyable factors are shown through new characters and elements and long-time fans should be overjoyed, at the same time people starting with this story should definitely have fun as well.

Saori Hayami – Emma Millstein


What are your impressions after recording?
It was a really enjoyable job with a lot of freedom to have fun (laugh). Like my character, I felt like I was jumping back and forth across a gap between serious and fun.

What are your thoughts on your character?
She’s a girl who seems like a reliable class president type at first glance. She’s really kind and sociable, gets along with everyone and is the kind of person you can depend on… except! You’ll see a lot of sides to her character as the story goes on, including what she keeps to herself. I think she’s a good person (laughs).

Do you have a message for the fans?
Like the other games, this one has serious scenes but it also has moments that will make you laugh a bit. Emma is one of lots of cute and cool characters who appear. There’s a feeling of ‘Do your best, everyone in Class VII’.

Hisako Kanemoto – Fie Claussel


What are your impressions after recording?
Looking at it, there are really cute girls and action scenes and they’re very well woven together; there’s a great balance between the feeling of cuteness and the feeling of coolness. Thanks to the cute aspects, it was a really recording project to finish.

What are your thoughts on your character?
She has a lot of short lines so it was tricky getting the right nuances into her dialogue. She can be inconsistent, alternating between looking happy and being totally expressionless. It was fairly challenging to convey that. It feels like sometimes she plays dumb and she’s quiet with has a cool air and poor social skills, at the same time there’s a feeling of cuteness to her as well that I wanted to convey.

Do you have a message for the fans?
I was just one person on the project, I really look forward to seeing the result of everyone’s combined efforts. I think the action will be really cool. I’m sure lots of people will get excited about the game.

Yoshimasa Hosoya – Gaius Worzel


What are your impressions after recording?
Some of these characters were tough to pin down, I’m glad we all managed to finish in one piece.

What are your thoughts on your character?
I was surprised to see he wears sandals. I had trouble getting the right passion into his combat voice.

Do you have a message for the fans?
There’s lots of lively individuals who play an active role in the story, hopefully you’ll enjoy it!

Weekly Wallpaper


Current Wallpaper: Jusis Albarea
Available until 6/6/2013

You can get this in the following resolutions:
960×544 (Vita)

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