Upcoming Events: jdk Band Concert on 9/27 and Falcom Radio 100th Episode on 10/13


Falcomjdk Band Live in Osaka Bigcat
The day after the release of Sen no Kiseki, the jdk Band will perform in Osaka at the BIGCAT Sinsaibashi Live House. This is on 9/27/2013.

Closer to the release date, we’ll have more information on the ticket prices, availability, and concert times.

As of this point, no word on whether or not the concert will be streamed.

Tio no Falcom Radio Mendokusai… demo Ganbarimasu 100th Episode Event

As Falcom Radio reaches its 100th episode, there will be a special event for it on 10/13. This will take place at Sunpearl Arakawa.
Hosts: Kaori Mizuhashi, Kanako Kotera, Shiori Hamamoto, Kazutomo Kanehisa
Guests: Daisuke Hirakawa
Doors for the event open at 15:00 and the event itself starts at 16:00

As of this point there are no announced ticket prices.

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