Multiple Falcom Titles in’s Top 20 PSP RPGs


RPGFan.comhas released their list of the top 20 RPGs released for the Sony’s Playstation Portable. Amongst a number of amazing RPGs, four Falcom titles (and more published by XSEED) have shown up on this list!

Ys I & II Chronicles listed at number 14.

Because these two games each represent half of a single story, they tend to be packaged together, and this latest release (dubbed Ys I & II Chronicles) is easily the best one yet.

Ys Seven listed at number 9.

Featuring a world several times larger than that of any previous Ys title, as well a new three-member party system, SEVEN is proof that Falcom can successfully teach an old Dogi — er, dog — new tricks.

Ys the Oath in Felghana listed at number 6.

True to the series’ roots, this game features Adol Christin as the lone playable character, but outfits him with a repertoire of ability-bestowing magic rings. (Imagine A Link to the Past, but with all of the fat trimmed and the speed kicked up several notches.)

The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky listed at number 2.

Trails in the Sky features one of the most vividly realized worlds in any RPG series — one that has been the setting for six games as of this writing — and well-written, endearing characters whose interactions are unfailingly entertaining.

These are only small excerpts of the quotes on each of the titles. If you wish to not only see the entire statements, but also see the rest of the titles that made the top 20 list, check out the article at the link below!

[ Top 20 PSP RPGs ]

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