Falcom Music Chronicle Special Album Available on Amazon


Falcomhas released another album available for purchase on Amazon.com. This is the bonus CD that came with the Falcom Music Chronicle book set that was released in 2013.

The album has 7 tracks. They are:
1. Lost Woods -Acoustic Band Version- (From The Legend of Heroes III: White Witch)
2. Stairs to the Light -Stage Clear- Violin & Guitar Arrange Version (from Brandish)
3. Hoshi no Arika ~ Kokuhaku (from The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki FC)
4. Mainz Mining Town -Violin & Guitar Arrange Version- (from the Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki)
5. Valestein Castle (from Ys -the Oath in Felghana-)
6. King Dragon ~ Sorcerian the Prelude (from Sorcerian)
7. To Make the End of Battle -Brass Band Arrange Version- (from Ys I&II Chronicles)

You can get this album for .99.

[ Amazon.com Product Page – Falcom Music Chronicle Special CD ]

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