Falcom Music Featured in the ANA Sky Audio Game Music Selections in Feb ~ March

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Throughthe months of Feb and March, all international flights with ANA airlines will be featuring selections from the Field Zanmai and Boss Zanmai albums in the Sky Audio system.

Their game music selection is 59 minutes long, and has the following description:

Nihon Falcom has charmed game players from the dawn of video games through their graphics and games as well as their music. Enjoy a taste of the Falcom sound.

The tracks featured in the game music selection are:
1. FIRST STEP TOWARDS WARS (Ys I from Ys I&II Chronicles)
2. Field (DragonSlayer the Legend of Heroes)
3. God of Wind, God of Lightning (Sorcerian)
4. Gust of Wind (Ys Memories of Celceta)
5. Quatera Woods (Ys VI the Ark of Napishtim)
6. Gadobistal (Brandish)
7. Sorrowful Queen (The Legend of Heroes III: White Witch)
8. Blue Dragon (Sorcerian)
9. Le Prelude Pour Xanadu (Xanadu)
10. Evil Shaman (Sorcerian)
11. TERMINATION (Ys I from Ys I&II Chronicles)
12. King Dragon – Sorcerian the Prelude (Sorcerian)

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