Synchronicity Returns With the Brandish 2 Fan Translation Patch AND the Best. Trailer. Ever.


Ifyou had the chance to see it, you got to enjoy Synchronicity’s trailer for the Brandish 2: The Planet Buster translation patch. It’s seriously one of the very best.

This morning, they returned to bring about PEACE ON EARTH to our poor lost souls complete with a reupload of their amazing “NFB” version trailer.

What does “NFB” stand for? Just watch below, and you will see!

You can find the patch on, and it has the following description:

Brandish 2 – The Planet Buster (SFC) Original game by Nihon Falcom Translation by Synchronicity (sqykly & denpa)

  • Original exploration experience – Wander through over 40 different areas in this 2D game that combines first person mechanics with an overhead viewpoint. The series trademark camera system combined with the AutoMap function makes even friendly towns and harbors exciting places to explore.
  • You’re nothing special – Your wits are the only thing that separate you from the corpses of failed mercenaries scattered about. Survivability is not dependent on your level or strength, but on your adaptability to see through constantly changing traps and enemies. Treasure and terror go hand in hand.
  • Brandish with care – Flexible dual-wielding system combined with a magic slot adds another layer to real-time combat strategy. Switch between ultimate offense or ultimate defense on the fly.
  • Natural character growth – Your statistics increase with every blow you deal and each casting of a spell. Because you get better at what you do by doing what you do, there is zero grinding involved.

Also, have the second, amazing-but-not-as-awesome-as-the-NFB-trailer, trailer:

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