Production for Gurumin PC Ended – Final Inventory with Falcom’s Online Store


Falcomhas posted on twitter that the production of the PC version of Gurumin has ended. The inventory that they currently have is it. The PC version of Gurumin has a slightly different combat system, based on following the rhythm of the game’s music. If you haven’t had the opportunity to play and are interested in buying it from Falcom, now is definite the time to do it!

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[ Product Page on the Falcom Online Store ]

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  1. They did with Ys Online and Zweii Online (though other companies made them), but they didn’t go well.

      1. Online distribution isn’t as big a thing in Japan right now but Falcom is looking into it due to the success XSEED has had releasing their games on Steam. It was actually a topic of discussion at last year’s shareholders meeting .

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