Sen no Kiseki II Release Date and New Character Revealed in This Week’s Famitsu


Whilethe price is still unknown, this week’s Famitsu has revealed the release date for the game: 9/25. This will be added to the calendar as soon as the post is done.

Altina Orion – cv: Risa Taneda
She is the silver haired girl shown in earlier screenshots with the ‘creature’-eared hood. While her relationship with Miriam is unknown, she shares the same family name and is also known as the ‘Black Rabbit.’ She is working with the faction of the nobles, controlling a machine named Claíomh Solais.* Claíomh Solais and Argetlam both share similar designs.

[*thanks @overthebarrier for that. I’m using your romanization, because gaelic words in Japanese make me hate life.]

Machias Regnitz – cv: Takuya Satou
Has an unsurprising reunion with Rean in strange circumstances. [Thanks to Varion for helping me when my brain derped out on this. -ed]

Jusis Albarea – cv: Shinnosuke Tachibana
He is currently conflicted in his decisions as his father is a central individual in the noble faction.

Emma Milstein – cv: Saori Hayami
Many of her secrets from the previous game will be revealed early on in the game.

Fie Claussel – cv: Hisako Kanemoto
Incidents will involve her relationships to her friends from her time with the jaegar.

Gaius Worzel – cv: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Will the civil war spread to his hometown?

Miriam Orion – cv: Kotori Koiwai
Are her actions a key to the story?

System Changes
Shinki Unification – A craft for use specifically by Rean. When this is used, his appearance changes and his strengths and abilities are enhanced. While crafts can still be used, certain commands will not be functional.

Lost Arts – Powerful arts that use three elements simultaneously. They will become available once specific quartz is equipped. They can only be used once person battle and when used, the caster’s EP is drained completely.

*Belated note: I just noticed that Hokanko has this listed as ‘rumorF’ – this is still only information as it’s showing up on 2ch. Please remember to take this into account. It is likely to be trustworthy information as this site seems to find it believable enough to post it… but please keep this note in mind. This information may or may not be accurate without direct validation from a Famitsu issue.

I will be getting the Dengeki Playstation issue later this week. When that comes, along with Falcom’s update to the site this week, I will be able to clarify some of this information as well.

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  1. For Fie’s description, wouldn’t it be Jäger/Jaeger/Jager instead of Jaegar? Not sure if that was a typo or intentional. Also unsure if Falcom actually called it jaegar corps in their source material or something, so ignore this if that’s the case.

    1. Probably a typo, yeah. I was working on the post while overloaded at work. I can fix it momentarily after doing some security changes.

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