Dengeki Playstation’s Kiseki Series 10th Anniversary Poll Midpoint Results


Forthe past few issues, Dengeki Playstation has been doing a poll for the Kiseki series 10th anniversary.

This poll, however, is still going, so the results may yet change! If you want to participate, you will need to reach out to Dengeki via mail or email by 6/6/2014.

If you wish to participate in the poll via a postcard in the mail, follow these instructions:

On the face of the postcard, write the address. On the back, write your postal code, address, name/pen-name, age, telephone number, and survey answers, then mail it to the address below:


ASCII Media Works
Dengeki PlayStation Henshuubu (Editorial Department)
‘”Kiseki” Series Kokuseichousa’ Kei

To enter by email, please type the following in the body of the email: your postal code, address, name/pen-name, age, telephone number, and survey answers. Email to [email protected] with the subject line: ?????????????? (‘”Kiseki” Series Kokuseichousa’)

Only one set of answers will be accepted per mail address, or one postcard per person.

The final results will be revealed in Dengeki Playstation vol. 589 (two issues from now!), which goes on sale on 6/26/2014.

Question #1: What is your favorite title in the Kiseki series?


While Second Chapter is currently in the lead, it is still a complete free-for-all battle! Zero and Sen may still have more fight to them as votes from newcomers to the series are rapidly flowing in.

First Place:
The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki Second Chapter

Second Place:
The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki

Third Place:
The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki First Chapter (Trails in the Sky)

Question #2: Who is your favorite male character?


Olivier currently stands alone at the top. Will his popularity hold out, however, as it seems that both Lloyd and Rean have been steadily earning more and more votes.

First Place:
Olivier (Sora/Ao/Sen)

Second Place:
Joshua (Sora no Kiseki)

Third Place:
Crow (Sen no Kiseki)

Question #3: Who is your favorite female character?


Many of the users that liked Second Chapter also voted for Estelle. There’s a tangible presence with the founding protagonist of the Kiseki series.

First Place:
Estelle (Sora no Kiseki)

Second Place:
Tio (Zero no Kiseki)

Third Place:
Rixia (Zero no Kiseki)

Question #4: What is your favorite town/city/location?


The editing department was surprised to see that Michelam Wonderland did not rank in! It seems like everyone wants the calm or carefree places!

First Place:
The Nord Highlands

Second Place:
Crossbell City

Third Place:

Screenshot sources:
Nord Highlands: Video by SepthiumArk
Crossbell City: Video by YangXu
Rolent: Video by Satoshinra

Question #5: What is your favorite scene?

Spoilers the series behind the cut!

Click to View


The series’ top scene has a firm hold on the ballots, but beyond it, there appears to be a lot of changing going on. The final results will be exciting to see.

First Place:
Estelle and Joshua’s Reunion (Sora no Kiseki SC)

Second Place:
Joshua vs Loewe (Sora no Kiseki SC)

Third Place:
Rean’s Scene at the end of the Story (Sen no Kiseki)

Screenshot Sources:
Reunion: Video by Satoshinra
Battle: Video by Satoshinra
Final Scene of Sen: Video from SepthiumArk

Question #6: What is your favorite food?

[Screenshots for the recipes, sadly, very elusive. :( -ed]

What’s with all the popularity over the acerbic tomatoes?! They all seem to be very firm in their position. Keep strong, other foods!

First Place:
Acerbic Tomato Sandwich

Second Place:
Acerbic Tomato Juice

Third Place:
Acerbic Tomato

Question #7: Enemy You Most Don’t Want to Meet?


Everyone was destroyed at once?! The Abyss Worm, a powerful enemy that counters with earthquakes made the top of the list.

First Place:
Abyss Worms

Second Place:
Death Slugger

Third Place:
Hitsujin (Creepy Sheep)

Screenshot Sources:
Abyss Worm: Video by Satoshinra
Death Slugger: Video by Satoshinra

Question #8: What enemy would you want as a pet?


Naturally, the adorable enemies are winning out. While these are the current top 3, Patel-Matel and Argetlahm are quickly gaining more votes.

First Place:
Shining Pom

Second Place:

Third Place:
Hitsujin (Creepy Sheep)

Question #9: What is your favorite Craft or S-Craft?


Is it through appearance, effectiveness, or balance of the skills? Many players all have differing opinions on the skills. In the end, who knows what will be chosen by the fans.

First Place:
Hayate – ??

Second Place:

Third Place:
Shin – Hiyoku Souryuugeki – ? ? ?????

Screenshot Sources:
Hayate: Video by lrglrgflc
Belsergar: Video by angelskycat
Hiyoku Souryuugeki: Video by angelskycat

Question #10: What is your favorite Art?


While attack and recovery arts have been popular, support arts are quickly gaining votes and crawling up the ranks.

First Place:
Silver Thorn

Second Place:
Seraphim Ring

Third Place:

Screenshot Sources:
Silver Thorn: Video by Klose Rinz
Seraphim Ring: Video by lrglrgflc

7 Replies to “Dengeki Playstation’s Kiseki Series 10th Anniversary Poll Midpoint Results”

    1. I don’t see anything in the article that says you can’t, so I don’t know. I’ll definitely give it a try, though.

    1. I am too, but I’ve seen it debated, and since it uses something slightly different from what I’ve seen for ‘Berserker’ in the past, I’m choosing to keep to the kana instead of full out translating it.

    2. It’s also pretty much the same spelling as the Berserga mecha line from VOTOMS ((one of which is the Berserga Testarossa which is the name of the other Blade Rifle of note) so it’s sort of a tossup as to which meaning is intended. Falcom does like their mecha references.

      Also, not surprised in the slightest that Silver Thorn is the top Art currently, or by the top scenes. I am surprised by the absence of a certain character from those rankings but not displeased. I’d probably vote the Death Sluggers as #1 but I can see why they didn’t get the top slot. Just don’t tell you know who.

  1. Can you vote on specific parts of the poll or do you have to vote on everything? ‘Cause if it’s the former, and foreigners are allowed to participate, I’ll try my hand at this.

  2. F…. u abyss worms xD hahaha is funny how all we hate that worms :v
    and Nord plateau was a surprise, well horse + epic music make sense, and hayate no surprise until we will see urahayate in sen 2 :v

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