Valimar, Sara, and Other New Characters Revealed for Sen no Kiseki II [SPOILERS]





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New Characters

All character profiles will be put behind a spoiler tag, as to keep which character IS the spoiler a surprise.

Characters Section - Click to Reveal Profiles / Spoilers

Elise Schwarzer


Age: 15
Weapon: Rapier
CV: Saori Gotou

The youngest daughter of Duke Schwarzer and Rean’s sister by adoption. She is a kind young woman with a well kept and dignified appearance, and she is close friends with Princess Alfin, who goes to the St Astraia Girls School with her.

They may not be brother and sister by blood, but they are close and her feelings for Rean go just beyond that of just siblings. She arrived at the Military Academy alone, despite the attempts to persuade her against it, after she heard of her brother’s disappearance. Where her emotions for Rean are concerned, sometimes a daring side of her can be seen.

As the civil war intensifies and her feelings towards Rean and strengthens, for her new path she takes her blade in hand.

Sara Valestein


Age: 26
Weapon: Orbal Gun & Blade
CV: Megumi Toyoguchi

Originally, the youngest A-Ranked Bracer, Sara was known by the alias Eclair, she is now a teacher with the military academy and the homeroom teacher for Class VII.

Several years back, after she was pressured to leave the Bracers Guild by the prime minister, the director of the military academy reached out to her to become a teacher due to the need of capable people in the positions. Through her position, she’s been able to watch as Rean and his friends grow into adulthood.

In the last game, as the noble faction attacked Trista, Sara stood alongside her fellow teachers to fight and defend the town. Her current whereabouts are unknown.



CV: Mai Aizawa

When Emma arrived at the academy, Celine, a black cat, traveled to stay around the school dorms. Celine is an elegant cat with sleek black fur, and can speak for reasons unknown.

However, she isn’t actually Emma’s pet, but more of an overseer. She seeks to measure Rean’s qualifications as a Riser, and repeatedly, she puts Rean through various trials.

At the end of the last game, she and Rean both boarded the Ash God Knight, Valimar, and faced a fierce battle only to be defeated by the Blue God Knight, Ordyne. When she realized the danger they were in, Celine overrode Rean’s control of Valimar and gave the command for it to withdraw from the battlefield.

Crow Armbrast


Age: 19
Weapon: Double Saber
CV: Takahiro Sakurai

A second year student at the Thor’s Military Academy- Crow was an upperclassman to Rean and the rest of Class VII, a classmate to Towa and Angelica, and a close friend of George’s.

As he was at the risk of having to repeat due to skipping classes, in order to regain lost credits Crow temporarily joined Class VII. While he seems to lack sincerity, he has proven himself as a reliable friend to Rean and the rest of the class.

However, his true nature shows him to be the leader who formed the terrorist organization known as the Imperial Liberation Front, or ILF. After the assassination of Girias Osborne, the Iron Blood Prime Minister, he takes the Blue God Knight Ordyne to take control of the military academy. Once again, Rean and his friends have a great enemy standing before them.

New Battle System

Ash God Knight Valimar


CV: Daisuke Matsubara

Valimar is a humanoid machine that was found sealed deep within the underground sections of the old school building at Thors Military Academy. Believed to be created during the early days of the dark ages, with its beautiful craftsmanship, its design sets it apart from orbal weapons recently developed, and the humanoid weapons used by the Ouroboros.

It tunes itself to its pilot, called a Riser, and it greatly surpasses the power of common orbal weapons – its abilities are unknown as it keeps many of its mysteries to itself. Beyond the Ash God Knight Valimar, and the Blue God Knight Ordyne, other variations may still yet exist…

Summon God Knight

When using this craft, Rean raises his hand to the air and calls out Valimar’s name, who flies to the battle. When dealing with enemies such as Panzer Soldats or powerful, large beasts, then the power of Valimar may be necessary.
* This special craft can only be used once per battle.
* This special craft also costs 200 CP.
* When Rean uses Summon God Knight and Valimar arrives, a party member may join him.
* On Valimar’s turn, the only commands available will be ‘Attack,’ ‘Craft,’ and ‘Defend.’
* After several turns, or if the ‘separate’ command is used in battle, Rean and the party member will return to the battlefield and Valimar leaves.

Combat with Valimar presents three basic commands: Attack, Craft, and Defend. If up against an enemy such as a Panzer Soldat, there would be three options to target after selecting the attack option: Head, Arms, and Body.

* Against enemy Panzer Soldats, you will have the selection to aim your attack to the head, arms, or body. You can only select one.
* If the attack successfully hits a weak point, there’s a high probability that the stance of the enemy will be broken. This will work similarly to link attacks, and brave points will be gained.
* If you hit a point that is not the enemy’s weakpoint, then they will guard and have the opportunity to perform a counterattack.

Just like Rean and the others, Valimar can use crafts by spending CP (Craft Points). When using a craft, you do not need to select a part to target, and upon hitting the enemy, you have a chance to cause a break. Furthermore, enemies are capable of using crafts as well.

* CP will be consumed when a Craft is used.
* There is no need to select a part to be targeted.
* The attack has the chance of causing a break, which will give the opportunity for a special effect.

Partner System

When it is summoned, you are given the opportunity to select one party member to be a partner and control Valimar’s subsystems. On the partner’s turn, they are given three new commands: EX Arts, Charge, and Spirit. It is also possible to change the partner in the party on the partner’s turn, and different partners will have special EX Arts that can be used.

Charge: EP Recovery
Spirit: EP used to recharge HP and CP
EX Arts: EP used to attack with powerful, specialty arts.

Panzer Soldat


Developed in secret by the mysterious 5th branch of the Reinford Group, these manned humanoid weapons are comparable to other maneuverable and all-purpose machinery. Built using the Blue God Knight Ordyne as reference, these machines stand at 7 arge tall and have a knight-like appearance.

The Panzer Soldat units were able to take over the Imperial Capital, as they had possessed superior technology to that of the Achtzehn, the tanks used by Erebonia’s military. The tanks were powerless against the Panzer Soldat units, giving the noble faction a strong upper hand in military strength.

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