Falcom Calendar Wallpapers Updated for June


Themonth of June will see a flurry of activity for the Kiseki series. On 6/24, later this month, we will finally arrive to the day that Sora no Kiseki was originally released for the PC back in 2004. As a result, there are a lot of releases related to the series, as featured on the wallpaper:

6/8 has the Falcom jdk Live and Talk Show 3, talking about Ao no Kiseki’s link to the Sen no Kiseki II.
6/12 has the release of Ao no Kiseki Evolution for Playstation Vita from Chara-Ani
6/20 is the start of the new Sora no Kiseki SC serialized manga on Famitsu Comic Clear
6/24 will see the Asian releases of Sen no Kiseki in both Korean and Chinese.
6/24 will also have the release of the first volume of the new Sora no Kiseki novel series.
6/26 is the release date of the Super Price Edition of Sen no Kiseki.

Beyond June, there are likely to be more releases and Sen no Kiseki II has been billed to be the tenth anniversary game for the Kiseki series, but this month will definitely have a lot of activity.

You can find this month’s wallpaper in the following resolutions:

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