Famitsu Cross-Review of Ao no Kiseki Evolution


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Last week’s issue of Famitsu had the Cross-Review of Ao no Kiseki Evolution.

Platform: Playstation Vita
Publisher: Kadokawa Games
Release Date: 6/12/2014
Price: 5800 yen (6264 after tax)
Genre: RPG/Fantasy

The remake of the PSP RPG, The Legend of Heroes Ao no Kiseki, as released in 2011. This time, it features full voice, movie scenes, event illustrations, and high resolution graphics.

Target Audiences
* RPG fans
* Kiseki series fans
* Falcom game fans

Expected Play Time
To clear the game, approx. 100 hours.
To complete the game, approx. 140 hours.

The Famitsu score for the game is 7, 8, 8, 9- totaling to 32 points to earn a Famitsu Gold. Even with this score of 32, all four reviewers selected it to be the best pick of the week.

Tsutsumi Deluxe gave the game a 7:
This is generally a thoroughly developed game. The full voice and revised animated sequences help increase the immersive nature of the story. Outside of the updated graphics and slight changes to the system, a majority of the game remains unchanged, and as a result it has a slightly dated feel to it.

Gigolo Yoshida gave the game an 8:
With the story, the voice work, and the animation of the characters’ eyes and mouths moving come together very well. A large variety of techniques and attacks that can be used makes battles fun by allowing the player to use a variety of strategies. I like the accent of getting bonuses on particular turns.

Morrigan Osada also gave the game an 8:
In combat, the various combos and breaks spice it up and keep it from getting dull. The growth system and subquests give a lot of playability for completionists. It has a profound story that details the relationships of various characters. Newcomers to the series may be confused with the story, but they will still find plenty to enjoy with the game.

Giichi Totsuka gave the game a 9:
Beautiful BGM and a good tempo, as well as a variety of unique charms to the adventure. There’s a good feel with combat, because of the simple strategies found in the turn based system. The text is very readable, and the game is capable to support both types of gamers: those who are more casual about their playing and the more advance gamers out there.

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