Sen no Kiseki II Clear File Set Available for Pre-Order on Falcom’s Online Store


Falcomhas three new order numbers available, all for the B5 Clear File set that they will be selling at an upcoming event for the Kiseki series. You can purchase it either in the form of two sets of three files, or a full set of all six.

Each of the files features the S-Craft cut-in images of the Sen no Kiseki II cast.

Set A contains: Rean (Front) / Crow (Back), Laura (Front) / Elliot (Back), Fie (Front) / Machias (Back)
Set B contains: Alisa (Front) / Gaius (Back), Jusis (Front) / Emma (Back), Millium (Front) / Altina (Back)

The individual sets of three of the files are 900 yen each, whereas the set of both combined is 1600 yen.

If you purchase the full set, you will get a seventh clear file added into the batch: this features the Sen no Kiseki II art on one side and Ao no Kiseki Evolution’s art on the other.

Full Set:
Item Number: SH01(Y182?Y183)
Size: B5
Set Contents: Six two-sided clear folders + Preorder Folder

Set A:
Item Number: Y182

Set B:
Item Number: Y183

[ Product Page – Full Collection ]
[ Product Page – Set A ]
[ Product Page – Set B ]

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