Video Message from the jdk Band Members to Taiwanese Fans


Yesterday,Sen no Kiseki was released in Chinese and Korean for the Asian regions. As part of the celebration of this expansion out of Japan and for the series 10th anniversary, the jdk Band will be having its first international concert at the Legacy Taipei in Taiwan.

Leading in to this, jdk Band leader, Toshiharu Okajima, along with Mizuki Mizutani and Kanako Kotera, have left a video message for the Chinese speaking fans to lead-in to the concert on 9/13 of this year.

Tickets for the Falcom jdk BAND 2014 Asia Live tour in Taipei concert have gone on sale for 1500 Taiwanese dollars, tax included. (Approx. ) [edit: Thanks for the correction, Raine!]

[ jdk BAND Ticket Information at ]

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    1. Oh, derp. I saw the yuan symbol and my mind latched onto that. I’ll get it fixed now.

      Thanks for the correction!

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