Sen no Kiseki Original Soundtrack MASTER and KISEKI jdk ACOUSTICS Albums To Be Released


Falcomhas issued a press release with information on the upcoming Sen no Kiseki Original Soundtrack MASTER album and the KISEKI jdk ACOUSTICS album that’s to be released later this year.

Sen no Kiseki Original Soundtrack MASTER

To be issued for sale on digital music sites e-onkyo music and the Walkman mora store, Falcom is releasing a hi-res album containing the master data files from the game itself. This is not a remaster album, rather it’s a collection of .wav and .flac lossless audio files for digital purchase. This album will be released on 7/23/2014 and it will also contain a .pdf booklet.

e-onkyo website
mora Music Store

Release Date: 7/23/2014
Data Specification: 48KHz/24bit (WAV & flac)
Price: 3000 yen (album) / 250 yen (individual tracks)
Number of Tracks: 87 tracks


Falcom has released many albums both in domestic and foreign [editor: from a Japanese perspective] markets. For the first time, they will be conducting a hi-resolution recording for this particular item- it will not be seeing a remastering process on it. They are eagerly working on the album, and it will see a release date at some point during the summer of 2014.

This album will feature songs with Kanako Kotera singing the vocal parts and violin parts recorded by Mizuki Mizutani, both of the jdk Band. The tracks on this album will feature many songs, including Love of Cerulean Blue from Zero no Kiseki Evolution and Lonely Journey from Sen no Kiseki. More details will be released on this album soon.

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