Translated Notes from Comments from Toshihiro Kondo at the Chinese Sen no Kiseki Event


Manythanks to @Lorianna_Yui for assistance with this Chinese to English translation!

There are Kiseki series spoilers in this. I will mark some of the questions under the spoiler tags.

Information Regarding Sen no Kiseki II

1. The script volume is 1.5 times that of Sen no Kiseki (there are also sayings that it’s 1.5 times more on top of the volume of Sen no Kiseki).

2. Right now, there are no plans to have a Sen no Kiseki III. However, the story for Sen II is supposedly has a really big impact.

3. Crow and Lechter.

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Crow will meet with a cruel fate in Sen II. The development of Lechter’s character will follow that of the story. He may be good, he may be bad.

4. There will be content related to a door presented in Sora no Kiseki the 3rd, specifically related to the plans to improve people.


5. Laura’s middle name includes an S, which hides a lot of information, presenting a side that the development team wanted.

6. The ties between Sen no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki are very close. Sen II will contain some story related to what happens after Ao. It will contain scenes from previous titles that would shock people.

7. Ao Ending Comments.

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After Ao ended, Lloyd had taken KeA to escape. At that time, Crossbell was already occupied by the empire. Anything could happen.

8. Ao no Kiseki mentioned the Grals Ritter working in the empire. Everyone can see what this work is in Sen II. (Carnelia!)

9. Olivier spoilers.

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Prince Olivert’s mother is a commoner. This is one of the reasons that he cannot succeed the throne. Hoping that after playing Sen no Kiseki, everyone has some common knowledge based on these rules. Olivier has been a key character since Sora no Kiseki, so he will be presented even more in Sen II.

10. Regarding the conclusion of the Kiseki series. There is still no clear ending at this point. There is only a general direction. There is still a lot of work to get the story told before a conclusion can be made. Falcom is working hard to bring the game to a point where it can be concluded before Falcom’s president plans to die. So those 25 years old and under can reasonably expect to see an ending in their lifetime.

11. Regarding the new developments and plans for the PS4 We’ve already received the PS4 development machine. We’ve discovered that the development for the PS4 is very easy, but there are currently no plans for PS4 game development.


12. Kondo-shachou’s favorite chara in Sen is Jusis because of the attitude regarding his personal situation. It’ll be developed a little more in Sen II.

13. Kondo expressed that the development of the NPCs in the games are based off his own friends. Also, some inspirations were taken from songs he liked. For example, Anton is based off one of his friends who is rather annoying. One of the people in Falcom is the model for one of the other NPCs.

14. Regarding the development for Calvard. A lot of the people are described as “Eastern”. This has basis in things from China. For example, Heiyue is based off the mafias in Hong Kong.


15. The hostess on A9VG looks a lot like Grace from Zero and Ao…(why is this even asked?)

16. Looking at JRPG development in general, although the PS4 is a very strong machine. It is best for creating a great RPG to stick to a great plot (let’s stay on the PS3).

[ Baidu Post Regarding the Event ]

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  1. >1. The script volume is 1.5 times that of Sen no Kiseki (there are also sayings that it’s 1.5 times more on top of the volume of Sen no Kiseki).


    Also, somebody please feed that model/cosplayer. She can’t pull off Alisa’s thighs the way she is.

  2. talking crow… the only thing than come to my head is … Lowe … and with this phrase kondo almost confirm it D;

    Btw … no one ask about the PV of sen 2 :v GIVE ME PV >:(!

  3. Kondo already mentioned that about Crow before but bear in mind that a ‘cruel fate’ doesn’t mean he has to die. Being forced to fight people who are genuinely your friends for what you think are the best of reasons qualifies as pretty damn cruel, so would finding out that his whole crusade against Osborne is insignificant as far as his backers in Ouroboros are concerned. He’s not dead yet people!

    Also, the S in Laura’s name is so going to be short for Sandlot and Ein has practically been confirmed as appearing. Yay!

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