Licensing and International Releases Push Numbers to Almost Six Times Higher in Falcom’s Latest Financial Report


Onthe morning of 8/8/2014, Falcom posted an earnings update for the third quarter, and the financial year will come to a close at the end of September.

This report represents the dates of 10/2013 through 6/2014.

  Year Before Current Year Percent Changed
Sales ¥ 631,000,000
(approx. $6,183,550)
¥ 861,000,000
(approx. $8,437,460)
Operating Profit ¥ 48,000,000
(approx. $470,380)
¥ 294,000,000
(approx. $2,881,080)
Operating Income ¥ 48,000,000
(approx. $470,380)
¥ 295,000,000
(approx. $2,890,880)
Third Quarter Net Income ¥ 30,000,000
(approx. $293,990)
¥ 197,000,000
(approx. $1,930,520)

Falcom has attributed much of these number increases to licensing of games, thanks to the favorable sales of the English released titles on the download-only Steam platform, as well as the Asia release of Sen no Kiseki.

The report also notes that they are showing an 8% increase in sales for manufactured goods. On 6/2014, Sen no Kiseki was released in the Asian region in Chinese and Korean- selling the game in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea- and they have reported seeing a number of stores sell out on their copies. The fans in that region have shown a high appreciation for the series. Not only that, but Sen no Kiseki was re-released in Japan with the lower cost Super Price Edition in June 2014.

The licensing department saw a large 75% increase from last year, at ¥ 465,000,000 (approx. $4,556,810) in sales. English language software on the Steam platform saw high sales, Ys Memories of Celceta saw strong sales in both North America and Europe, and the Japanese release of Ao no Kiseki Evolution on the Playstation Vita in June 2014 saw favorable sales as well.

At this point, they are leaving the current numbers for the earnings forecast to be released in Sept 2014:

  Projected Earnings Percent Changed
Sales ¥ 1,900,000,000
(approx. $18,619,240)
Operating Profit ¥ 750,000,000
(approx. $7,349,700)
Operating Income ¥ 750,000,000
(approx. $7,349,700)
Net Income for Term ¥ 460,000,000
(approx. $4,507,820)

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  1. I am extremely pleased to see more localised games come to steam, I am extremely excited to play SC when Carpe Fulgur finish the translation.

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