Falcom Earnings Forecast Adjusted Based on Sen no Kiseki, Sen no Kiseki II, and Memories of Celceta


  OriginalForecast Adjusted Forecast Percent Changed
Total Sales ¥ 1,900,000,000
(approx. $17,721,420)
¥ 2,400,000,000
(approx. $22,384,960)
Operating Profit ¥ 750,000,000
(approx. $6,992,380)
¥ 1,200,000,000
(approx. $11,187,950)
Operating Income ¥ 750,000,000
(approx. $6,992,380)
¥ 1,200,000,000
(approx. $11,187,950)
Fourth Quarter Net Income ¥ 460,000,000
(approx. $4,288,640)
¥ 720,000,000
(approx. $6,712,650)

Falcom has posted an adjustment of the forecast for the earnings that will mark the end of the fiscal year (10/1/2013 ~ 9/30/2014), as predicted on 11/13/2013. As you can see above, there are some fairly significant changes to the originally listed numbers.

In the adjustment report, Falcom has stated that this can be attributed to the high preorder sales for Sen no Kiseki II and the steadier than expected sales of Sen no Kiseki in the Asia regions. Furthermore, the sales of Ys: Memories of Celceta for the North American and European regions have been better than expected. As a result, the earnings for the year have been adjusted up, using the trends in these numbers and to make these estimations.

There is also a disclaimer to remind readers that these are forecasted numbers. The final numbers that are eventually revealed may differ from the ones posted above. The final earnings report is expected to be released in November 2014.

For a comparison of the year earnings, you can see the earnings reported last year (2013) below:

  Total Sales Operating Profit Operating Income Fourth Quarter Net Income
¥ 1,840,000,000
(approx: $17,152,300)
¥ 710,000,000
(approx: $6,618,550)
¥ 711,000,000
(approx: $6,627,190)
¥ 435,000,000
(approx: $4,054,610)

Note: Yen to Dollar exchanged made based on an approximation of 1 = $0.00932 exchange rate as of 9/16/2014.

[ 2014 Earnings Adjustment IR (PDF) ]

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3 Replies to “Falcom Earnings Forecast Adjusted Based on Sen no Kiseki, Sen no Kiseki II, and Memories of Celceta”

  1. And I’m a proud whale responsible for one NA LE sale and two European ones!!
    I’m not even ashamed to admit that :)

  2. after watching jdk band livestream.
    there is something going on between Falcom and Konami, my speculations:
    -Konami will localize Falcom game again (US localization of sen no kiseki, ao, zero, maybe the new YS?)
    -Konami working together with Falcom in new game

    1. Falcom’s been doing things with Konami for quite awhile, actually. They’ve had a relationship for publishing, or something of the sort- I don’t know the details exact- related to the releases of the PSP games. With the exception of TGS 2013, though (they had their own booth then), Konami has always hosted Falcom at the event.

      I don’t think it’s indicative of Falcom making a game with Konami, it’s more of a sign that the two have had good relations for many years.

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