Music from Ys and Music from Ys II Now Available Digitally on Amazon


Thetwo classic soundtracks for Ys I and Ys II are now available digitally on Amazon and other retailers. With the Music from Ys album, you’ll find some tracks on it that were never brought back into other Ys titles. Music from Ys II also includes some Super Arrange versions and a vocal version of Too Full With Love.

As always, the links in this article are for, but as Falcom is making these available on multiple regions of Amazon (by posting them on, if you can’t purchase digital albums from the US site, then check your own region- they may be available there as well.

These albums are also also available on iTunes,, mora, and animelo mix.

You can purchase the albums for .99 each, or $.99 per track.

You can purchase Music from Ys here, and Music from Ys II here.

However, if you wish to support this site at no cost to yourself, please use these links to purchase Music from Ys and Music from Ys II.

The track lists are behind the cut.

Music from Ys Tracklist:

1. Feena
2. Fountain of Love
3. The Syonin
4. Tears of Sylph
5. First Step Towards Wars
6. Palace
7. Holders of Power
8. Palace of Destruction
9. Beat of the Terror
10. Tower of the Shadow of Death
11. The Last Moment of the Dark
12. Final Battle
13. Rest In Peace
14. The Morning Grow
15. See You Again
16. Devil’s Wind
17. Fair Wind
18. Shining Star
19. Dreaming
20. Chase of Shadow
21. Church
22. Over Drive
23. Departure
24. Crossroad of Sadness
25. Battle Ground
26. Mysterious Moment
27. Theme of Adol
28. Dead-End Street
29. Sub-Mission
30. Open Your Heart
31. Devil’s Step
32. Tension
33. In the Memory
34. Fly With Me
35. Feena (Arrange)
36. First Step Towards Wars (Arrange)
37. Beat of the Terror (Arrange)
38. Tower of the Shadow of Death / The Last Moment of the Dark (Arrange)
39. See You Again (Arrange)

Music from Ys II Track List

1. To Make the End of Battle
2. Lilia
3. Too Full With Love
4. Apathetic Story
5. May I Help You?
6. Feel Blue
7. Ruins of Moondoria
8. Noble District of Toal
9. Rest in Peace
10. Cavern of Rasteenie
11. Protectors
12. Ice Ridge of Noltia
13. Inside of the Ice Wall
14. Moat of Burnedbless
15. Tender People
16. Palace of Salmon
17. Subterranean Canal
18. Companile of Lane
19. Pressure Road
20. Don’t Go So Smoothly!
21. Feena
22. Termination
23. A Still Time
24. Stay With Me Forever
25. So Much for Today
26. To Make the End of Battle (Super Arrange)
27. Palace of Salmon (Super Arrange)
28. Companile of Lane (Super Arrange)
29. Termination (Super Arrange)
30. Too Full With Love (Vocal) (Fumi Hiranoa)

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